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  1. Yes? How come? If I select as my location Oceania or Amerika while i"m playing from Europe?
  2. I Hate to lie and all this fake information in web I don't want to be a part of it. Why they put the region select option then? They don't have license so that means that all Europeans are not acceptable here?? I wont give fake information.The end. Remove the region select button. NCWest may not have license but i'm free!! I don't give license to anybody to make me lie for any reason.
  3. I Dont Know about images but i saw too that you dont have the option to log in forum as existing user.You have to make new profile
  4. The start button is up left, not below,but if u select Europe as your location ..it just isnt there
  5. The Problem IS that if u select Europe as your location you dont get the option to start the game.........
  6. Do i have to say silly things like im playing from Oceania or America in order to launche L2??? Plz Tell me ONE GOOD REASON why all ppl from Europe(The Most in L2) we have to give fake information in order to play Lineage 2.Do You Know where are your customers from?? I've met in game ppl from all over Europe, Asia, even one from Africa but i never met one from Oceania!!! Many Americans are playing too but the vast majority of ppl are from EUROPE!!! I didnt saw this promblem in 'known issues'.............
  7. Very good. And Server time is.... GMT +??? Or- ????
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