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  1. She's at 96.9940% I'm sitting here at my desk watching my level 36 Palus Knight Champagne kill bright red reinforced stone golems because she's wearing B grade armor and wielding a Bow of Peril w/ an infinite quiver. . Behind her my level 48 Cleric (never did the class change was too worried about the time to do the quest) and Shilen Elder (didn't have to do a tedious class change quest because the game let me click her straight to SE) are buffing and healing at regular intervals by a predefined macro script I tweaked exactly perfect for this area. The funny thing is I'm actually a lit
  2. I do think its funny I made my PR long ago and ended up inadvertently rolling an SE to do the fungus quest to build adena for clan level 1... People laughed at me. NOW WHO'S LAUGHING MUHAHAHA... (VR ARROWS!!!) anyways... patch sucks. NCsoft literally destroyed 80% of the servers net worth in a single day.
  3. "Most of the things we fear will happen, never occur." ~ Legendary Lord Punish It has been a long road in the pale moonlight. Some time had passed since the Legendary Lord visited his village on the outskirts of Gludio, stepping through its gates he paused and marveled still at the grand vision he'd been able to manifest into reality. Four humble villa's, each owned solely by himself, his clans Legendary, LegendaryPhalanx, LegendaryCalvary, and his dwarven industrialists TheBodkins had all been united by these halls. The center of the village had been a rallying point for his forces du
  4. Still here! Actively Recruiting North America / EU players for Prime Time Raid Acitivites and fun. For the Love of the GAME!!! Whisper Punish, Jboxx, Nixxon, Prhaust, Balna for further details
  5. @Hime Any word or news if this is at least close to being implemented?
  6. Right now Giran Aden Server NA Prime Time
  7. I believe the winning bid is placed in the clan leaders clan warehouse after auction meaning all proceeds of the sale will first go through the clan lord.
  8. People take it to +9 because the Shiny Varnish will only work on Pendants +8 or lower. By NCSOFTS grand design you MUST chance the pendant at +9 to get it to +10 using regular polish. Absolutely sadistic on their part. And I know... I blew up a LVL 3 +9 Fire Pendant
  9. Let me offer you a suggestion on selling something. People need to know "what" your selling before they can actually "buy" it...... Now if you got 9 random letters on Classic Aden what are they? A,B,C,D,E,F,G? What about Z? Z would probably choice.... that or X Of course, "A" probably would be awesome as well, but "Y" that could be humorous in some situations.
  10. I'm literally just replying to this for fun at this point. What "letter people" do you have on Aden? Just curious...
  11. “The journey is always more important than the destination. ~ Legendary Lord Punish” As sunlight crept through the small window of the two-story village home most of the denizens within were still fast asleep. Light now illuminating the humble interior of this small shared dwelling the juxtaposition of fine dwarven weaponry, armor, bubble-gum and a myriad of stuffed animals of every shape and size littered the bunkhouse’s every nook and cranny. As Aden’s most renowned and feared warriors slumber a lone veteran dwarven artisan works diligently below their chambers at a small workbench comp
  12. I could have sworn I seen something related to this saying the other castles were going to be in play with this update. Outside Dion
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