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  1. Clients closing on their own

    The same thing has happened to me for many months and I never managed to find the solution. If you find it, notify plz! =)
  2. random client disconnect

    same problem and no solution.. it happens to me when I'm not at the computer... You can not stop selling, buying or fishing because after a while the server disconnects.
  3. Hello everyone, I annoy you since I am looking for a solution to the disconnection problem when I am not present at the computer, since when I stop fishing, selling, buying or playing in macro mode at the time of leaving the machine, I disconnect. This does not happen when I am present. Is rare. Game with direct network cable to the machine, I do not use wifi. I have searched and I have seen that the same happens to many, but they are old publications and in none I found a solution in this regard. Can someone expert give me any solution? I have spoken with the support of the game and they tell me that it can be latency, how can I solve it? I also talked to my internet provider, and they tell me that it works perfectly and I have no problems: / I live in Argentina, Fibertel 100megas provider and I have other friends nearby and no it happens to them. Thank you