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  1. So Ncwest, what you will do about this bug?!
  2. Keep adena drop in IOS and put back adena drop in Plunderous Plains.
  3. Red Libra came in January 2020. Maybe he will come again in December or 2021.
  4. For supports? 6 weeks you can make bracelet Lv.2 maybe Lv.4. That's not enough if you make bracelet Lv.2 or Lv.4 is better using Tauti/Istina Bracelet or Conqueror. With that the event will be useless.
  5. @Juji@Hime Maybe you can extend the Rim Kamaloka Event? Support classes have an extra difficulty in this event compared to the others and we need the bracelet. Two weeks? Please, think about it.
  6. Good idea, so much players still have jewels lv 3.
  7. The only problem with Lineage 2 Europe is the premium account 9€ peer month, to play you need a second box. But the game play is excellent. I think that, if there was no monthly fee, Lineage 2 Europe would have more players.
  8. I don't cry about Exp, I just had a question that by the way has already been answered by Juji. I think of my friends, Lineage 2 is played in group. See ya!
  9. Lol, I'm lv 110 atm and yes, I have a good items. Anyway, I care about hands, and I think you don't have. By the way, my question is for NcWest.
  10. Stop conspiring. You are a new mixa? Is the fact, 20 tri is a normal Exp. Double Exp is 40tri.
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