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  1. Molensa... are you paranoid !

    Omg what i dont have full gear and that things but min 1:33 with that iss in celestial put a easy way to the feoh to use AOE and die like a dog NOOOB, amateur. .................... RE NOOB and later with mobs..pfff
  2. Dimensional Warp

    yesterday imp spawn but /target and cant see him so bug. lot some adena maybe
  3. Divekio - LosBandidos on Chronos

    that oly fight win with luck lol the rest farmers and mid afk na gl
  4. Ayuda Por Favor

    borra la carpeta sytstem del juego y abre de nuevo a ver o verifica los archivos
  5. Valakas dagger stage 2 POV

    max is a joke where they go but in freya are very strong lolllll
  6. Molensa again disturb and kill Dragon dagger

    shitty videos. end
  7. rolf hitting from there and die anyway LOL jajajaja so pro. cry more rat
  8. 300% Vitality Bonus my A*S

    sometime some gm i dont remember name tell me that vitality is 100 base + 100% bonus some like that.., vitality is 100% + 100 event. 200% ask again maybe a gm can clear out this.
  9. Roadmap 2018

    make pvp items untradeable too, or make augment items tradeables and la vie en jewel too have a sapphire lv 2 and aquamarine lv 2 dead in inventory, and cant convert to powder nothing nothing, make this game great or close fast. ty and drops yesterday make tauti box drop a shitty app for weapon all are garbage, and 1 bear....................... 1 bear 1 bear 1 bear 1bear a joke. i think maybe in some future must be a modify armor xaxaxadxadxadxadadxad
  10. In Response to Recent Player Feedback

    250m for second SA, you thing the adena flow like water o what? I have some char 101 and things but can't pay second necessary SA on a requiem healer pff crazy game, Say what you want but the game is totally wrong. if you cant pay 250m less 5b that is.
  11. In Response to Recent Player Feedback

    ahh forgot it, 187 gemas R for second SA on requiem? wtf you dont want new players that is for sure better close fast. all in this game is wrong in general.
  12. In Response to Recent Player Feedback

    your problem is not free events, because almost always it end up being low rate to get garbage items x hours farming 6+, from lindvior you ruin the game to give "life" to crafting a garbage, doble crafting dont work nothing work, all for nothing, to ruin the game full, like the actual situation. the "free" events is not goint tofix nothing, because are very random and just get garbage( have to pay a lot) AND NO!!!!!