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  1. [News] Golden Compass Event

    the worst event I see in those years playing l2. wym 102 rose- pom- buff scroll fail the shitty boss hit in aoe spawm mobs every 30 seconds jajajaja. anyway I really dont know why people still play, maybe love to the game...
  2. October Preview

    omg this events are just for top player for make them more powerful jajajaja guys really this is a joke maybe de gemstone but the bracelet es full ADENA, ADENAno way i purchase 0 .
  3. October Preview

    a lot of updates no way to get items if no pay thousands of dollars every update is more exp exp exp no more. fix the shop prices o return at least some instance drops, or delete app items and modify armor, I preffer see nothin that 2 garbage items always destroying from inventory.
  4. Chronos/Naia Merge

    increase drops, now have 3 server full of people(dont know if generate $) u use ur new antibot that was the "reason" to nerf all the game bring back? that update lie to the people just to nerf all game is boring and boring and boring, just exp and for that there is a lot game better that this to grin exp.
  5. doubt about skills

    the skill from evas templar that say "DRAW" (maelstrom) is affected by what kind of stat mental attack?? or is the same "pull" from aug? and aggresion? ty
  6. spam? and when they will fix like say Warndihr in next major update? jajajajaja is stop playing until this is fix and a lot from my clan too. altmost all. spam lol
  7. claro que si, en el estado actual del servidor con tanto nerf las macros son beneficio para los que toca hacer instancias con box asi que ni opines mejor, es literalmente matar el juego, eso de invertir horas como un huevon frente al pc no sea loca. suerte para eso hay tienes el classic.
  8. automated macros dont working more? l2 rip? time to quit? say fast. at least. fk that classic
  9. Skill Mastery Nerf for Yuls

    Fashion never lasts long. Anyway i don't care., I have a wym.
  10. dimensional rift lv 100

    nice, another nerf for things the was nice drop, and for 100 days ....the exchange was good. el fin esta cerca.
  11. dimensional rift lv 100

    i dont remember when was this update but i remember I did with 3 char 4 month later that update all get weapon, and some time more no much another char weapon too, 4 char 4 weapon, now 0.....
  12. dimensional rift lv 100

    hello someone more finish quest nowadays? I did this quest 4 times like a 1 year ago and dimensional makkum drop 4 weapons, 4 soul crystal, and enchant, I did yesterday with other char runa 200% raid dont drop weapon, so this was nerfed or what? this game is getting worst every time more. some clan mate finish like a 4 month ago and say no drop weapon neither, so?........... the game for the lv 110 and p2w pffff rip this no way to get something