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  1. dimensional rift lv 100

    nice, another nerf for things the was nice drop, and for 100 days ....the exchange was good. el fin esta cerca.
  2. dimensional rift lv 100

    i dont remember when was this update but i remember I did with 3 char 4 month later that update all get weapon, and some time more no much another char weapon too, 4 char 4 weapon, now 0.....
  3. dimensional rift lv 100

    hello someone more finish quest nowadays? I did this quest 4 times like a 1 year ago and dimensional makkum drop 4 weapons, 4 soul crystal, and enchant, I did yesterday with other char runa 200% raid dont drop weapon, so this was nerfed or what? this game is getting worst every time more. some clan mate finish like a 4 month ago and say no drop weapon neither, so?........... the game for the lv 110 and p2w pffff rip this no way to get something
  4. facepalm... the actual model is a fail, if the server need money sad all is near dead. cuek who cares anyways maybe the donator and $$ spendes cuek
  5. is that a joke right? the only thing u can get adena is balok octavis istina tauti normal with boxs, u thing or u dint see the lot of afk box farming to lv high to farm other things? the problem of bot start when nef drop, nothing new see high player go and try to kill the spot invader, newbie or new player dont last long, lv 99 -101 is a lv the is best dont pass if u dont wanna ruin the drop of instance anyway pvp not exist is dead, new zones are just for high player literal, instances too, raid too, there is nothing pay money to equip? of course NOT. not like the actual fail of game crazy. just play the pve with friends the rest is dead long loing long long time ago GL
  6. Drop Rate NERFED AGAIN!

    and for that is the pvp is dead and just for some players the rest of game is pve and no really cant do all and with the new update Still less, no defense no damage no nothing and a lot of time to get items, just getting very bored this. who will call attention to farmear items years na that kind of slow game is for people that dont have nothing to do in life.
  7. Drop Rate NERFED AGAIN!

    I do balok, octavis, istina and tauti normal. Balok always drop 4 items I try sometime with a char rune 200% out of party last hit the same rune, superior wellow or green, bear or bewr, and app( sometimes crafting rare) octavis ( rune, bear some trash item decayiunf darrneks., crafint seraph) normally rune or bear sometimes nothing a lot of times. istina normal that dont drop making with 101 chars. sometimes rune crafting, normally nothing. tauti- (bear app) never ring, never fragment never never and with rune and char out of party never, dont undestand why in that page l2wk say drops tauti fragments 10% but never drop, but always drop that shitty app item and is 5% so? what is the trick here? 5% app is like 95% jajajajjaj really dont understand see this more like a trap how 5% become 95% always drops that garbage.
  8. Dimensional siege is dead

    all this sound like sarcas, anyway what part of this dont understand? "10 hours ago, KingNothing said: The gap between players is just too big, thats why ppl dont go to sieges anymore." this is all, the pvp is dead and just for some, why the hell i will go to pvp when they make aoe and all partys dead, olympiad too, a lot of player just make 10 fight and quest and chao olys,GL.
  9. maybe can introduce new runes, runes for quest EXP runes for raid points. etc
  10. Lineage II - June Preview

    + stop QQ max
  11. In Response to Recent Player Feedback

    that thing of farm longs month or years for items old fashioned. if no pay a lot of money to have 0 pvp. anyway no drops no way to pay because if u pay u dont have fun anyway so the game is broken and no one update can fix that model of $$$$$$ fail
  12. How to break HP Limit

    yep but 400k HP is still a lot, i have 40k jaja gargabe stats.
  13. In Response to Recent Player Feedback

    yep the true is that nothing work, all ruined event are garbage sorry is the true, exp open world is garbage, drop is garbage, fun 10%, pvp exclusive for $$, and items so what more? when close servers?
  14. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

    where is red libra? ......... and merge freya naia freya is dead what are u waiting,
  15. Molensa... are you paranoid !

    Omg what i dont have full gear and that things but min 1:33 with that iss in celestial put a easy way to the feoh to use AOE and die like a dog NOOOB, amateur. .................... RE NOOB and later with mobs..pfff