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  1. I came to read the next joke. and .... keep it up, they're doing well ... sure.

    my mistake, thanks for clarifying, I was confused

    I understand that it increases the P. CRITICAL DAMAGE 35% as the death whisper that increases it by 25%, in my stats the P. CRITICAL does not increase when I activate the dance of fire, but if it increases when I activate death whisper buff, it is a bug , at least I have it
  4. playmates I have a couple of doubts, have a problem with the dance buff that increases the critic (dance of fire) ?? I have it lvl 1 but I do not increase the critic. In fields of massacre, dismal pole, doom servant, graveyard predator do not give adena or materials, I do not remember that it was like that before. I hope not to be bug
  5. Admin's wake up

    In the months that we have been playing, I draw a few conclusions about the things that have to change for me in this "CLASSIC L2". The teleportation system is outside the classic logic of lineage, both in pve, pvp and pks. why not use bsoe for those cases? it's a good option. Transformations? for what? There are not enough items to modify the stats? classic? do not... the disproportionate amount of p2w events in the last months. I remember the home page, "return to the classic and the hardcore system" after a few months happily doing quest, they change the system to a click, classic ?? do not... since the game started it has been modified in a bad way, they have not made a strategy to maintain or increase players. Since the game started, the staff referred to the community being heard and the game would advance along with the detions of the staff and the players, until now it is only a dictatorship on the part of the staff. buy boss items instead of going for them in the game, what is the idea of playing ?, what game? to pay more and to make stronger because of my economic condition? We are not talking about spending 50 dollars, there are people who spend 200 or more, which for some is a lot but for them it is little and yes, I have seen in the server Gludio get boss jewels in past events and in several players in a short period , how does that happen? easy, a lot of bots from the beginning, doing item and adena, you sell it in real money and you keep investing in p2w events, vicious circle, that's the business. I've seen in Seal of Shilen as a bots part ended with the Raidboss in 10 min ... many items for a single person and you keep investing, +16 weapons, +6 armor, etc ... this last event I bought boxes to see what I got, in the end I ended up losing 6 talismans, trying to enchant them +1 all broken, but at the same time I watched in the chat as the 5 pjs of always left the talisman +8 easily, or spend a lot of money, a lot of luck or something very strange there. I understand that the servers have to be maintained, but try to use other methods to get donors and also more players, this is an MMORPG that has nothing of MM ... I am particularly one of those who buy aghations and hats when I try to pay, I like them. On the other hand, call the top players to try to maintain the community and unite it, with respect, most of us believe that we have over 30 years, let us behave as such, example, to the abuse of the bad systems of pk vs teleport, that ends with the patience of the players who try to advance. It is our little great world of fantasy and recreation, we paddle in the same direction.
  6. seriously? pay to get jewels from bosses, or pay to get weapons and armor Ag, if there is no good pvp, at least one has fun putting together for purchase weapon and armor, now what is the idea? give XP - sell weapons, armor and jewelry in real money, so what? if so you lose the little thanks that is left to these servers. I prefer to pay a monthly fee with a server with fair rates, without bots, and not pay to win. classic???????? Im tired