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  1. is this your excuse of your mistake? you wanna say that you dont read what you write before uploading? if you are fair and professional so you make available this items for few days more.... i think till weekend is fair what u think about it?
  2. @Hime @Juji its nice that you write about halloween items stay in L2 store but in store they are NOT !!!! will you fix it? thanks
  3. dont forget that they are other GMT than we are they still have few hours more for upload patchnotes
  4. clan leader change

    can I get any answer? @Juji @Hime
  5. clan leader change

    hello every1 and @Juji why is not possible change clan leading if clan leader is not active for loooooooooooooooong time? (i mean years) it should be nice if someone from clan (active person) can get leading and keep clan active a bit (for example elite member change to clan leader or member with the highest RANK in clan) pls juji talk about it with dev team or with someone who can do something with it.... it gonna help lot of ppl have some good ALT clans or make new start of OLD clans thank you for some good answers
  6. Faction Talismans

    Hello, I have a question about faction talismans and their bonuses. Why most of this type of talismans is about P.Atk againts monsters of faction type. Why is not there M.Atk too? Its disadvantage of mages. For example Unworldly Visitors Talisman Stage 10 has this bonus: When equipped, damage received from Spirits -10%, P. Atk. against Spirits +5%, M. Critical Damage +3%.... why is not there M.Atk/P.Atk against Spirits +5% instead of P.Atk? The same about: Mother Tree Guardians Talisman Stage 10 what has: When equipped, damage received from Plants -10%, P. Atk. against Plants +5%, M. Atk. +3%... and again, why is not there P.Atk/M.Atk against Plants +5%? with that all game favors fighters and its not nice for mages thank you for answer with solution have a nice day