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  1. Y’all took the time to remove my thread and put my message as a comment under this thread.... and didn’t respond to either.... really?
  2. @Juji @Hime With the new Oly update does that mean I can use a transformation buff during Oly? Also as a side note, in the update regarding the level/class buff in the header it says buff lvl 1 is for 1st-10th but in the buff I do section it says 1st - 30th. Please clarify.
  3. @Juji @Hime Please check out the formal wear in the collection. Is it correct that you are required to own level 2 formal wear to get credit for the special season collection? Every other transformation is level 1.
  4. @Juji @Hime Please take a look at the Formal Wear. You are requiring lvl 2 formal for the collection even though in the collection menu it says level 1. The special ability tap says 3% MP consumption, on level 1 formal wear it is 1%. Or is this correct? If so please change the title to level 2 formal wear in the collection tab.
  5. Yeah... this is ridiculous I keep dieing because the mobs evaded many attack’s in a row... mall my other spells don’t evade like this... Nothing in the patch notes about a update to CDL FIX THIS PLEASE
  6. @Hime @Juji Two issues: When i drag an auto eligible item into the auto item box nothing happens. When I click the on/off button to toggle auto items nothing happens. When I click the on/off button for auto attack it turns on showing the crystal on top of the auto target and sword icon for attack. BUT When I try to drag a macro into the sword icon /use skill Blaze or /use skill death spike NOTHING HAPPENS. Is Auto attack meant to buff archers and daggers so they can auto attack while mages can’t use this new feature??
  7. Come to Aden. Not many bots here
  8. I’m farming books atm. No bots on Aden but they never drop...
  9. Come to Aden. I think we have a great balance here. Not too many bots
  10. I opened 120 boxes got magic tablets lots of enchant scrolls iron bracelets sealed doll of orfen agathion bracelets singer & dancer agathion pots stews xp scrolls no weapons no improved scrolls no cloths
  11. Hi - I’m looking for the best website to find what mobs drop what and general all that good info about the game.
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