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  1. SonsOfAnarchy Recruiting!!! :)

    @Srelock we will get the shirts… Why dont check patch notes before talking? Cheers
  2. SonsOfAnarchy Recruiting!!! :)

    @Srelock Count that Tomorrow after update almost all will get the dragon shirt
  3. Hello all!At the moment we are recruiting Player/CP's around the level 104-105+Min. requirements for Damage Dealers (DD):1. Weapon R99 Bloody/Dark +10 and over.2. Armor R99 +8 Bloody/Dark.3. Longing/7Signs/Abu 1.4. Decent RB jewels (Ex. Tauti Ring,Ring of Authority,Baium Soul ring,Queen Ant etc.) if have B.Valakas,B.Antharas,Lindvior Earring even better!5. English speaking<--- VERY IMPORTANT!6. Any Kingdom cloak +7 at least! (Ferios,Elmore,Aden,Elmoreden cloaks) depending on wich dd class you are of course!.7. Able to PvP and PvE! 8. Using Discord actively9. Noble circlet +5 at least (grace,foresight,authority) depending on class of course!10 . Decent belt (Ex. Ekimus belt/Clan hall belt stage 1/2 or CoC Belt)11. Brooch jewels would be nice to have minimum lvl 3-4 (have advantage update will give free lvl 3 ones , still would be cool -->if can<-- make even lvl 4 brooch jewels! It's not a must!)12. Brooch 4 Slot <---13. Dragon shirt <---Min. requirements for a support (Tank/Iss/Healer)1. Weapon R with 3 sa +0 ( R99 Bloody/Dark even if + 0 would be even better for more cp,hp,mp)2. Armor R99 +8 3. Longing/7 Signs/Abu 14. Decent RB Jewel (Ex. Frintezza soul necklace,Antharas also normal is okay, Baium soul,Tauti ring , Blessed Zaken etc) if have even better jewels, better for all 5. Speak English, Very important specially for CC events and sieges!6. Ferios +7<----Important 7. Also able to PvE and PvP (if not experienced in PvP, by time will learn)8. Use Discord activetly9. Noble circlet of grace +5<---Important10. Ekimus/Clan hall stage 1/CoC Belt11. Brooch jewels lvl 3 are fine enough, if diamond/pearl/obsidian/tanzanite are lvl 4, even better!12. Dragon shirtThis are all requirements wich we would like to keep even in game, it still won't mean that if you miss 1 of these items you won't be accepted!Contact me in game <--- Nuvolett4Contact me on Discord<--- Armedui#2551Good Luck and Have Fun
  4. @Hime @Juji Ppl are asking when Red Libra Event finally arrives, all we got is a "soon". Being a bit more precise would make us happy too. So could it be that new update + red libra at 15th or how long will we have to wait? Cheers ^^
  5. @Juji @Hime could you guys try to adjust the Castle Manager? I cant set MP/HP/XP Recovery, like time ago it was with the Exa 1 quest "For Victory" (dont remember the name of the quest) when you wanted to receive the certificate, black npc "chat" window Would be great THX
  6. @Juji Its useless tbh, why this 7 clients per PC…. ppl have more than 1 PC this means they will log 14 or more chars for macro farm where the real active players want to farm… Make max 4 clients and it will be good for sure i mean for macro you just need the iss, dd and in case a heal… And as many are saying deactivate the ranking and the manner system the continue loading of those dont let us farm anymore, needing more than 20 sec for 1 mob while i normally need 5 sec. We know you are already working on it but as said before deactivate it till you fix all and then put it again Cheers
  7. Known Issue: Server Latency

    I think that Shoppy is right, maybe it over stress the database and causes that much lag we have to fight with actually. Of course i don't have the solution for it but the DEV team has to find the real problem of it and with disabling char creation is actually not the cause of the lag Cheers