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  1. You blame yourself for leaving the window open, that's only logical.
  2. Imagine having 10 players whining in pm every day - all saying It wasn't me - (Cue's in Shaggy's - It Wasn't Me) They all do it - you know the one's with the edited screen shots? I know I don't have all angels in my clan but at least I own what goes on. And to think we were alt clan allies.
  3. @Hime I can see the difference in the melee fighting already. It is annoying but you have to do what you have to do. As far as compensation please put buffs/roses/exp runes in our inventory and please do not have us run and leave our hunting spots Also any compensation for Prestige packs? I have several - not being petty just asking. Hopefully your fixes will make everyone happy though Im sure some will just find something wrong again. Always Bethra
  4. For the love of the Lord can you please please please make hero chat optional. At this point it is worse then being water boarded. Why as average players we dont have the option to just shut it off if we wish? Even if it will just shut off in Ally or Clan chat. Please take our plea to heart and have some mercy on us average folk. Always, Beth
  5. Please stay safe. My son told me how dangerous it is out there this winter. Real life > game, job and your safety
  6. TBH it wasn't so much the amount of money you spent but the fact you would leave real life events and such to be in game. Money is money if you got it spend it. If this is your hobby (which we spend money on so be it) but if you find game > real life then there is an issue. I'm glad you worked it out. Life is too short. Be well and I will be looking for future videos of yours.
  7. Your History? I must have missed that memo but that's ok I think I will live.
  8. I do not and will never "hate" people who invest in the game. Sorry you see it that way. FYI I have gone further in life and in this game community then you ever will. It's toxic innuendos like yours's that make this game a garbage mound.
  9. You missed the point evidently
  10. and to what end maize? Old men/women living out their lack of real life in a game - being toxic why play a game that is based on community? go play candy crush there you can rule the world without marginalizing others no?
  11. I'm here over 15 years and it was always a clan thing. There is much more then PVP among players who buy their gear and trash talk in Hero Chat relentlessly. It creates a toxic environment. Then again maybe you dont remember the good old day without mindless grinding on a sanctioned macro?
  12. This is one of the most toxic things NC has done to the game. These chests do nothing but turn player against player, clannie against clannie. FEED THE RICH as the song goes. Always Beth
  13. I never in my 15 years in this game have had this issue of crashing and it's not just me. What ever it is please fix it. No it's not my internet or my computer. Thank you in advance Bethra
  14. My Deepest Condolences He was a great man and he will be missed. I know he was not well but I didnt think his time would come so soon. May he rest in peace Bethra
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