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  1. Good morning We were not involved in whatever went on Sunday. We took Innadril Castle. Nothing works. Please fix it. Thanks you for your assistance in this matter. Beth
  2. Unscheduled Live Maintenance: Thursday, June 4

    I have dealt with them on numerous times. They have always been prompt and polite. Maybe changing your tone would help? I don't understand why some have problems when I have none. It's technically a free game. If you wish to spend money that is up to the individual. Free being the operative word.
  3. Unscheduled Live Maintenance: Thursday, June 4

    Why are you still here? You are not the only ticket and I am sure they have priorities. And what's up with the name calling? If I was them I would put your letter at the bottom of the pile just for that.
  4. Hi I want to suggest that you might be able to create a server with no whining? That the penalty for whining is (First offense) You get muted for 1 week. (Second Offense) you get banned from the server. I will help mod it if you need. Asking for a friend. Always Bethra
  5. KingScoobz red and shackled in Aden? Someone please send a screen shot <3
  6. FFS stop whinning - I could see if you paid monthly but come on - you want them to rush and get it right blah blah blah - you sound like a bunch of children. Let them do their job. If you hate this game soooooooooooooooooo much why are you here?
  7. Scammer Alert - :) It's Not Bethra

    Add another name KataraStorm - clan Bagpack
  8. Scammer Alert - :) It's Not Bethra

    Any body familiar with the clan Cult of Static and it's leader Thorp?
  9. Hey Chronos Dwellers There has been a scammer about for over two weeks now pretending to be me. The names are endless and they speak nothing like me. I want you guys to stay safe so please pay this char no mind if they pm you. You can ignore me also if you must. I will try to post a room with the scammer's name when these incidents happen. Hope all are well and dealing with the terrible times we are going through now. May you find happiness in game. Always Bethra <3
  10. Latency issues? Open up more spaces with comparable mobs as the high traffic areas. Things that are no longer hunted such as anything that now turns up as EMPTY on your map. More spaces people move around and there is more balance. I could be wrong but it's a thought.
  11. Hero Chat

    Can the developers please work on a way main stream players can mute Hero Chat? For the most part the conversation is toxic, demeaning, name calling. This does not help the average player who is there perhaps for some down time. At least have a code of ethics to follow when using that chat or limit of times to chat maybe 100 a day? Also wish people would stop the politics and gay bashing. Neither of these things have a place in this game. Regards Bethra
  12. "We are actively investigating the server latency issue that is affected many players. Please bear with us as we work on a resolution. As a temporary measure, we will be adding a queue limit for the number of players connecting to the Live servers to reduce the latency delay." TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS they are causing the lag. Too many trees.
  13. 400 NCoin for trees and suits and what not? Santa I was a good girl all year I think we can do better then that no?
  14. I seriously think the next update should be called Lineage II "The Purge". It is almost sad ( though I laugh most of the time) how you literally get PK if you stop to even look at a spot for a second in Blazing Swamp. How if you get up to throw in a load of laundry or start dinner your spot has been taken over by a bunch of chars that neither respond to your PMs or care. Now Im not talking about someone who finds you dead from some bad hunting on your part just about people who blatantly KILL YOU for that spot. If nothing else it has taught me how to become a better PVPer/PK(Ganker). BTW guys PVP is when you actually fight someone who is sitting at their computer fighting you back. Ganking is killing afk players where there is no fight. (OST RTFM) So next update "Welcome to Lineage II THE PURGE" where you take your own life into your hands as you kill others and no one gets to level! So Juji/Hime etc etc ... is this the new objective of the game? Curious minds want to know? Oh and those freakin swords????????? Really???? What is the point of them? To trigger people who do not care about the sword and just want to level to the extreme levels you have set that are unobtainable (for lack of exp/#mobs/quest pieces)? Rethink that a bit and maybe come up with something that in order to participate you have to click on yet another little Icon at the bottom of the screen to do so. I think at times you mods get off just watching the horse phooey that goes on? Bet ya do... bet ya that gets you on Santa's Naughty list. All in all have a wonderful holiday everyone and try to remember it's just a game that virtual tears fall on deaf ears and there is always the F7 key when all else fails oh wait that would be ALT/CTRL/Delete - <3 Always Bethra
  15. Will you be dropping boxes of tissues? I think it might be an excellent addition