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  1. (Chronos) Returning Player LF Clan

    Hey Cats I run the Junk Yard Dogs (I originated in Erica and was a DJ back in the day on Lineage Radio) you are welcomed to join us. We are more or less a working man's clan and come and go as we please. We have people of all levels, ages and locations. Email me in game and we can talk further. I don't come to the server much but on maintenance days. Bethra
  2. No gear for characters who were started before the update and were past level 40? Is there something to be done about that hun?
  3. /target %party1 Make a proper macro
  4. 2 Active LF Clan

    What server did you play on?
  5. Polski Klan

    I am the Perogi Princess Na Zdrowie
  6. Who want Rune in DS from MS

    Maybe the Dogs will be there we do love having a castle now and then just for giggles ... or maybe some other mid level clan that might like to see what it's about - thanks for you kindness <3
  7. http://l2.laby.fr/status/
  8. Chronos Castle seige

    Some clans find it fun to turn up and siege even if there is no chance of getting a castle. It's only about Nova and MS if you make it about them. I find neither to be offensive but maybe at times a few select to each other. What I do wish is that it was easier for the players needing the siege for quests afforded a bit of help in this area. It's not about the size of the dog in the fight, it's about the size of the fight in the dog. Beth
  9. Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 4 a.m. PST / 6 a.m. CST / 9 a.m. EST = 7 AM! I am available to proof read all important posts by the Lineage 2 moderator team for a nominal fee.
  10. comming soons events?

    Something for Valentine's Day? Once Upon A Time I did a Lineage Wedding in Elf Village for Lineage Radio - lol even though the winning prize was only 1mil adena - it was awesome.
  11. Paying 10 bucks a month (or was it 15) didnt make much of a difference. Just the newer generation wanting the "easy" way out. Tosses in a box of tissues.
  12. If this was truly Classic (back in the day) there would be no perks plain and simple. Stop the catterwallin
  13. Hi Again Just going to put this out there for the players who might be sitting in a dead clan after the opening of Classic. The Junk Yard Dogs are here for you. We are a diversified clan with no level boundaries. Working people who are allowed the freedom of no pressure to play. We don't judge (unless you are a scammer or botter). I know you (as we do) might be saying it's a phase your clannies are going through since they either sit afk because they are playing in classic or have left your clan totally to explore a new home. (Evidently yours wasnt good enough for them). Come check us out. Hang out hunt with us and stay as long as you like <3. Let's make the best of a bad situation. Beth
  14. Let me begin with I am not a scammer, would never scam and detest them. I have kicked more then one scammer out of my clan over the 13 years playing. In saying that I need to say this. The person, (the one being scammed) has to be about their wits when trading/selling their items (throw in loaning). As a wise person once said if you are going to lend something to a player keep in your head you probably will never see it again. Your only recourse is to maybe be on a Discord/TeamSpeak (which wont insure you get it back) if you are going to do this. IMHO GMs have no right to take back scammed items. If they are going to do that then they might as well ban players who grief PVE players whom just want to grind and hang out. Please give this man back the gear.