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  1. siege today? 0 clans came to siege only epidemic with 50% of server population in 3 clans came epimidec1 epidemic2 epidemic3 servers need merge or smth elcadia dying fast cause of frankie rmt .
  2. A u kidding me farming 1 month detons , getting orc tresure from DETON BOX LEVEL 6 and from IT GETTING """"30 hp """""""" pots when in game shows u get can evo stone/a guns HP pots wasnt even in the fcking list then i show what i can get worst thing was b weapon ticket https://ibb.co/JcJQmk9 even here shows: https://dev.l2central.info/essence/items/92989.html
  3. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN its imposible to play in monopoly zerg within epidemic rmt dogs please make transfers already available like in eu essence official i think i wont play more if i stay in elcadia
  4. my last match for hero 1 afk 1 didnt even load vs 3 normal players sadge
  5. let us changed pet lvl 1 to other lvl 1 its imposible to get pet what want I WILL pay MONEY IF I HAVE PET I USE MORE MONEY PLEASE ADD THIS
  6. can u add something to buy with them? now they literally useless
  7. what about elcadia ? random disconect ? eveyrone morning comming with 2 chars out of 4 dc while full hp mana and everything? its so hard my main always getting dc.................. just sad
  8. half server with op ponies solo aoe in all zones one shoting fog x2 mobs 1k+ attack speed wtf thanks
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