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  1. The new normal is getting stuck on the NC blue screen and the game crashing. I'm not the only one with this problem... it seems like every time you open the game it's the same when you open the transformations. It's a gamble to know if it's going to be a error in the game or not.
  2. Ok, there's no more bots, no third part software and we still have random disconnects... Really nice , new server and no problem solved with the old server!
  3. Any news about the random disconnects? Every single day between 3PM and 5PM gmt -7 all my friend and I got disconnect and after login the account we got disconnect again.
  4. Core: What you folks are doing ? Other three : Just relaxing after the random disconnect ;]
  5. Still with problem... I hitZaken yesterday and now my bar show 5/5 instead 1/5 Same with Boss 50+ I did only once yestarday and now shows 10/10
  6. Same problem... Some items are no longer available SF - CA
  7. Three days before the update, they update the payment provider. After the update lcoin begun to be essencial. Probably nobody will talk about lcoin in two months. This is how companis work.
  8. We got critical error more than twice when we are at the Procella instance. First happen when the boss used the anchor skill and the second one after the boss split in three.
  9. Card event will continue for one more week but the cards will removed tomorrow? "The following items will be removed from players' inventories during the maintenance on 12/9"
  10. What's happen with the ones who lost wind amulet?
  11. Like the others, I have a full-time job and now I don't want to play L2 anymore I am one of the players who buy ncoins. I thought about buying the new Zodiac Agathions but now it's goodbye to L2
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