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  1. Assuming that the probability of getting a baium ring from each emperor pumpkin is independent, and that probability is x Then to get 0 baium rings at n rolls the probability is: (1-x)^n i.e. if the probability of getting a baium is 0.01% (0.0001) then for 10,000 emperors the chance of NOT getting a baium is 0.9999^10000, which comes to around 36.79%
  2. Classic is pretty much a money grab from a company trying to survive (look at NCSoft's financial results). What juji calls "devs" is probably people working on other projects that may jump into classic part-time, but it's not a priority from them. My guess: these "devs" that couldn't predict the stress their event would cause to the server (let alone run stress test) are actually ignoring juji, who in turn did whatever he could do with the tools that he has to manage the backlash from the community, and that means the bad solution that we got. I don't know if they'll ever manage to finish Proj
  3. Seeing that the cake remains at 0 HP this seems like a processing issue rather than network. Therefore, could help: Increase cooldown of fork to help processing of damage Increase HP of cake to maintain the average number of hits per user End result will be raid taking longer, but hopefully not as long as players spend now hitting a 0 HP cake.
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