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  1. Blackbird Campsite (Belas)NPC -BUGGED

    The NPc was bugged there for a while with teleporting in and out of going west or east. I havent had any problems with it lately.
  2. When teleporting from Dark Elf Village to Blackbird Campsite it seems we are having issues with the teleporting process while speaking with Belas and then choosing to go to the Eastern Or Western.
  3. Elemental Burst Feoh Skill

    NCSoft Dev Team, Can you please remove the "if" activation skill lands "then" can use the "Elemental Burst" Skill. It is bugged and working improperly for me. @Juji
  4. Live Unscheduled Server Maintenance: Friday, August 23

    or immune derangement plus trio sonata not reusable ?
  5. Live Unscheduled Server Maintenance: Friday, August 23

    Why is not resonant halo skill for iss Heirophant Re-Usable?
  6. Update: Our team is still monitoring the server performance for now until we can further increase the queue limit. We are also planning a major hardware adjustment that will require additional downtime, but should greatly increase the server performance. More details on this change will be shared tomorrow. I can also tease some of the major events that we have scheduled to start soon on the Live servers: New Artifacts of Power Golden Compass Event - Lurin's Fortress Multiple Server Settings Attendance Checklist Event We are still waiting to resolve the latency as you know, but we have not forgotten about compensation and will have a special pack available in the L2 Store next week. Thank you again for being patient with us!
  7. https://discord.gg/QgWkRE Join my discord for updates and discussion about NCSoft Lineage 2 Live Fafurion Chronos and Naia servers, and for exp parties
  8. Live Unscheduled Server Maintenance: Friday, August 23

    Atleast we are seeing different tactics being deployed by the software development team to make progress! Keep it up everybody
  9. What is NCSoft thinking ... hmm... lol
  10. Can we switch the hot bar / macro bar / skill bar to show 5-10 rows/columns more ?
  11. NCSoft, yall may have out did yourselves this time. I already see improvements with the login screen good job!
  12. evveryone should spam Lineage II Operations twitter with new ideas
  13. https://discord.gg/QgWkRE Join this discord to connect with other Lineage 2 Live Naia / Chronos Players