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  1. I personally think that the devs are trying to kill game so they can move on. Between horrible customer service to way way overpriced items... to events that are "Free" giving jack S**t for decent items. Or lame picture events that give +16 weapon with no add ons which wont do a damn thing against current weapon line ups +21/ dragon weps XD. The business moves Ncsoft is making for Lineage 2 is one of 2 things. Either the people running the show are incompetent or they're trying to cash out until major base of remaining players quit. I understand this game is pay to win, I have no problem spend
  2. Am I the only one who sees this item as a problem? Being $25 usd a box and the compound success rate sucks.....
  3. "Gambling is defined in numerous ways, but requires betting or wagering on an outcome that is at least partially based on chance, and done so in order to win something."
  4. They could get in trouble for underage (gambling). Its technically considered gambling as Mixa has so eloquently put it. If someone got lawyers involved I'm sure they would have a hard time saying that it wasn't considered gambling lolol. I could be wrong though. Some companies are above the law you know lol .
  5. Dude Juji doesn't care the game is unbalanced. These people know what they're doing to make money. Look at dragon weapons for example. Only people with (money)can farm the claws to make better weapons etc. Do you think any random can go and do that? Answer is no. These people are in the business of making money. Which they're not to smart because if they destroy the game then people who bought all these items will get bored and leave game because competition will not be there(Due to unbalanced issue). So its a quick cash grab to cash out. I would be curious to see the metrics of the business m
  6. Its not about handling the gamble lol. Even the lottery gives you your odds lol. Wow you're totally missing the point.
  7. They don't care. This company only cares about one thing $$$$$$. It sucks but its the truth
  8. I guess either way "WE" the players are getting screwed lol.
  9. I get your point of view but it would be nice to know to see if NCsoft is messing with enchant rates to sell more items or not. It would give them more accountability. reason being is it seems that with every new event that comes out the success rates have dropped even more but there is not evidence of this due to we do not have a base line % rate. I believe they're are withholding this info to make more money off of players forcing them to buy even more items to enchant or upgrade items. Like you said it doesn't stop people but at least people would know the odds before dropping serious cash.
  10. Do you guys agree? I feel like we're all wasting money on different events because they're not being honest with us. I mean why do other countries get success rates for items and we don't? This relates to every event. My honest opinion is I think they wont do it ever because once people see how low they are.... No one would really buy S***. Tell me your thoughts.
  11. I understand but with as much money as we the players throw at this game my expectations is they at least can work from home and support. They'll take players money in seconds but not support players during this time as well? Just seems to be a failure on their part.
  12. How long do you guys/gals wait for support tickets to get answered? It seems like they lack in this department.....
  13. So thought it would be fun to post how much money we all lost playing this game. I know the game has unfair enchant rates etc etc but for fun, post how much money this company has taken from you To date I'm at $23,959 usd Since 2009 . Which is not as much as some, but please share
  14. Sooooooooooooo..... You can Only buy ONE (1) 15k ncoin Ultimate Dragon pouch per account huh?.... Why is this?
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