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  1. WTB Plated Leather Gaiters or Plated Leather Gaiter Material. PM me in game on Spud, or mail me.
  2. Thank you for this game.

    What server are you playing on? PM me if you are on Talking Island server. I don't have much yet, but I'd be willing to help you where I can.
  3. Now VIP lvl 4 has queue too

    Show me pics of that bad boy, friend. Are you VIP?
  4. Now VIP lvl 4 has queue too

    I hear Runescape is free to play. Maybe you can play that while you work on your java.
  5. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    OH look. Another queue thread. Thank you sir, may i have another?
  6. Interesting Fact about Karma

    Hell yeah man. That's what its all about! I need better gear. The stuff I have just isn't cutting it!
  7. Interesting Fact about Karma

    Lol it was fun. Hope you guys had fun as well.
  8. Best weapon for a Swordsinger??

    I believe most people like to us Two handers.
  9. Old NA servers

    Strength and Honor.
  10. AFK characters every day

    Lmao. Its been upgraded.
  11. Why has no queue?

    Right on.
  12. Old NA servers

    Played Hindemith under Ansatsu and NerazeN and a bunch of other characters no one else remembers.
  13. Interesting Fact about Karma

    Very interesting indeed Loanwolf. Who did you go red on?!
  14. Now VIP lvl 4 has queue too

    Ill give you service.
  15. Now VIP lvl 4 has queue too

    Are you from Chronos?
  16. Now VIP lvl 4 has queue too

    Is this the real Nef? Or is this some IMPOSTA Nef. Im gonna Hijack the hell out of this thread because to be quite honest there is too damn many threads open right now of the SAME shit. I wanna see some heated banter going on in here.
  17. Now VIP lvl 4 has queue too

    Dont listen to Nef, He said too much.
  18. LF Bad Man

  19. General purpose sealant

    These forums suck anyways.
  20. After Reset 3 Juanary 2018

    Nah just want GM to give me +20 skills
  21. does it worth to start l2??

    I say you log in and try it for yourself. Honestly who gives a crap about the rest of these mutants on here and their opinion. It is old , and you know about the grind. Dont expect to be rolling in here swinging your d*ck around unless you been saving your rupees and investing in some serious Ncoinage. You got two big turds fighting each other just like always and if you are lucky enough you will be able to get in with them. Nothing changed in that regard. Play the game because you want to invest 3h a day of your life and make the best of it. Find a group of like minded individuals who can help you through game. I love you.
  22. After Reset 3 Juanary 2018

    Mine was +20, Weird. GM needs to fix.
  23. Gimme Gimme. I agree with VirginiaFartsHard though, cloaks price a bit steep for even the wealthiest degenerate.