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  1. It can most definitely be done. I've seen L2's gameplay work tremendously well before GoD 2011: PvP was fairly balanced; Everything in game could be farmed from quests & raids; Siege participation was extremely high; Finding a party was possible during any hour of the day on any day of the week; Plus, the majority of the community understood game mechanics. None of that is true now.
  2. Thing is I've been waiting for this L2 community to wise up to this since 2012. I'm done hoping for them to catch on. Most simply give up & quit. I'm very aware of Netherlands passing a law against this type of behavior.
  3. I've been raising awareness to this fact for years. Nobody will listen & things will remain the same.
  4. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it? I'm pretty sure they'll revise their business model to something more beneficial when it's a better option. Unless, of course, they decide to end the game.
  5. I'm still not seeing why there is a need to spread rumors & lies about anyone even if what you say is true about individuals treating this game as a job.
  6. English isn't your first language huh? It means they don't want us to constantly & consistently change toggles. I don't agree with the change either but noone can honestly say it's not in the patch notes. Changes have been made so that at least 1 of Feoh Wizard classes’ attribute skills will remain activated
  7. It doesn't go into detail about cool down. This is true. Although, it does give you an overall intention of the change. Changes have been made so that at least 1 of Feoh Wizard classes’ attribute skills will remain activated: At least 1 of Feoh Soul Hound / Feoh Soultaker / Feoh Storm Screamer / Feoh Arc Mage’s Origin Fire, Origin Water, Origin Earth, Origin Wind, Origin Holy, Origin Dark skills will remain turned on.
  8. @Juji Can you check the chat window. The focus doesn't move automatically as we type. In order to move the focus & see everything, we'd have to click the adjustment corner of the window, use the right arrow key or press the "end" key.
  9. Clearly, you don't appreciate great artwork.
  10. Lots of us notice that some of you lie & spread rumors. Personally, I can't understand why. It's just a game.
  11. I have 30+ toons you can transfer some of that excess adena onto. Mail me in game.
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