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  1. Welp... The lags are back; Random disconnections too. Latency was great after Friday's maintenance until Monday. What did you guys do, @Hime
  2. Because that person is lying. It doesn't take 2 hours to log in.
  3. Tyrr GK Setup

    What's your level? The only thing that I notice is that you're missing a 15% critical damage augment on your fists. Use your daily coins for Top-grade spirit stones. Don't buy that overpriced crap in the AH. Also, try for a 15% Giant's Critical Damage augment with a Life Stone Instilled with Giants' Power. You should invest in basic artifacts, too, like Attack Attribute (Balance) & Defense Attribute (Balance). Then save up for +15 STR dyes. Don't decrease your DEX. Your armor needs an upgrade but you can wait until after the next patch this month to finish the Exalted quest for the new armor. If you haven't finished the first part yet. I asked your level because you can test your setup in solo areas. For an example if you're Lv.101+, test your GK in Enchanted Valley. If you can't survive soloing with just an Iss, then you're missing something. Lv.103 is optimal in EV but I've done fine soloing there with my Lv.101 GK & leveled it up to Lv.103 using both a polearm & fists. Of course my DPS was higher with fists.
  4. Rune Stones

    The NPC, Krenaht, gives this one-time quest called the "Energy Supply Cutoff Plan". Players need to be Lv.100+, have Lv4 faction & complete the "Kamael's Disarry" quest in order to start it.
  5. Rune Stones

    I feel your pain. My Aeore Shillien Saint with a dual Iss Spectral Dancer, alone, needs a total of 116 rune stones. Now, if I chose to get a bare minimum of only one skill for each of the classes I play, I'd need about 120 rune stones. I'm not an impatient player that is looking for instant instant gratification. I'm old school. I've been playing L2 since Korean beta. So, I understand & appreciate making an effort to complete goals in this game. Even if it requires a grind. Organizing a constant party for instances, like a few people here suggested, isn't going to cut it even if you have the time; That doesn't guarantee that we'll acquire a rune stone every time we complete an instance. Rune stones don't drop every time we kill the bosses & multiple people within the party will need the one rune stone that does drop; If it drops at all. So suggesting this as a solution is illogical. This would probably take up to a year to successfully pick up 8 rune stones. 14.5 years to pick up 116 rune stones. So I agree with you. There should be at least one daily quest with a rune stone as a reward for solo players.
  6. Red libra question for GM's

    @Juji @Hime @Conguero Isn't Red's Elysium Buff supposed to last for 4 hours? It only lasts for 1 hour. Elders Services Offered Elder Red Sells Red's Elysium Blessing that lasts for 4 hours for 5,000,000 Adena. Can be purchased once a day. For 4 hours, increases Max HP/MP/CP by 30%, P. Atk. by 20%, M. Atk. by 30%, P. Def./M. Def. by 30%, Atk./Casting Spd. by 10%, Speed by 20, Attack Attribute by 100, and decrease Skill MP Consumption by 15%. Additionally, increases bonus XP/SP by 50%. Buff persists after death but is deleted upon entering the Olympiad/Ceremony of Chaos.