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  1. NC Soft is that so NC Soft ...
  2. All loling at you NC Soft. Please shut down the whole game. It doesn't make a sense.
  3. To wait for 4 hours to log in and to be disconnected after 30 minutes to wait for another 4 hours. Shit.
  4. You are pointless. Many ppl DO want to transfer where characters to other servers like aden and gludio as they already had 20+ level before this shit with queues started. But Nobody are keen just go to other server and start from the scratch a new char and this is obviously and does make a sense. Second -- if you do want to move your character to other server, read the idiotic rules of this service 1. It is paid service (you should pay for dev screwed up, nice!) 2.Character was created over 30 days ago (you should wait 30 days, nice!) 3. Character
  5. Ok, it can be by request - if a player wants he transfer for free in reasonable time without requirement to be level 40 or other sht. I already made a character level 20 on aden server having char level 22 on giran server as i can not simply log due to shiting queue. They have to do reasonable things but not continue to write pointless messages.
  6. Bla bla bla. A lot of ppl already told how to fix it: ban bots and auto transfer ppl on other servers for load balancing.
  7. The one and obvious solution for those who paid for any services from NCSOFT (vip, coins etc) -- to issue full refunds. It is absolutely winning situation for you -- you paid for services that you can not obtain. Even if you used to be able to login and now can not log in -- request FULL refund. The more refunds you request the higer possibility that NCSOFT will have fixed the issue.
  8. Yes we pay for a queue. (in the case you did not get -- we pay for the happiness to be in a queue for hours)
  9. Fix the problem with a queue instead of advertising your shop.
  10. Absolutly right! I have a 7 days exp rune in my inventory. And it's just wasting cause I can't log in. Yesterday It took me 2 hours to login within a queue of 50, not even 1000+ as now, but it took 2!!! hours -- 50 ppl queue.
  11. They can just bla bla bla. I am not going to pay them a sht considering how they do.
  12. Ok and it is not your fault that you are not too clever. It happens.
  13. Go to another server if you want. I played 3 days from the very start before problems with queue appeared. I am not going the fuk to start new character just because asshand coders or whoever can't fix the issue or move my char on the server without queue.
  14. Sht is going on. Epic idiotism, Should wait hours to log in Giran server.
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