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  1. Reward Buff in HellBound

    Hi all There is NPC in HB appears only at night and gives buff says it increases reward obtained, but i don't know which reward is meant. I remember 1 time when i finished faction quest in HB, i took that buff and rose to x32 and got 1200 faction points instead of 100. Though i tried to do the same last time but didn't work as before if someone please can explain this to me and thank you in advance https://www10.0zz0.com/2019/04/23/12/715472643.jpg
  2. 10 days and this issue is not solved nor provided any solutions for it. The administration is not responding to us in forum or twitter. Can't go hunting or do instances and day after day it's getting worse Hime, i'm asking you to post something about this here today please. stop ignoring us
  3. New Char Issue

    Hi Just logged after maintenance and i can't use but only general chat when i try to use pt or clan or any chat, all appear as general chatting checked sittings and all good solution please
  4. Mystic Tavern: Kain

    Hi everyone i have been in freya and other zones of Tavern but have a question about Kain zone When we destroy the cannon, we go with npc til we reach a place full of sleeping mobs. Sometime the PT keeps killing mobs til the road is clear and sometime they kill 1 mob and then we can just ignore other mobs and go to Kain no one answered me in the game so i'm asking you here how do i know the mob i should kill?
  5. Promos Items. Stop this PLEASE

    Thanks for all replies 1st : what and how much i pay is non of anyone's business 2nd : i know it's fun to obtain items without relying on store but tell me how to obtain item like the ones from raid bosses while we know what clans are taking care of these raid bosses and i don't have adena or items to sell by that price to buy, not to mention the prices in our server. anyway, i started to feel bored of this game though i just started playing 9 months ago
  6. Fortune Reading Freya Ice Staff Dragon Pouch Artifact Boxes Nothing but enchant scrolls, Crystals, Lilith Talisman,Elcyum Powder/ crystals,Giant's Energy pack,Energy of Destruction pack,rune stone,3 gemstone R, Spent more than 12K on each event and that was all i got. PLEASE, remove items that we can obtain from game and change rarity. How many should we pay to get real needed items like 7s talisman,jewel,Epic Accessories and so on? Please tell us how many? monthly sales with the same items and we still get nothing, i even created a dwarf Char just to store the mentioned items. Excuse my English and waiting for your response Admin
  7. could you please fix the issue where we can't store freya ice staff in Warehouse
  8. Libra, how does reawakening work ?

    Thnx for your reply friend, was helpful actually i don't know what dual i should change to. dark elf tank wasn't that good with me, even my main (Titan) has more p/m.def than my dual some people told that shillien templer is more to be offensive than defensive. Still confused which tank is better for PvE more than templer
  9. i knew it from the moment they announce this promo it's the same as the dragon pouch promo. i opened 500 pouches and the best thing i got was codex mastery chapter 1 and dark/bloody stones the left items are not worthy. that's why i didn't buy any of freya promo this time hope NC stops giving promo of boxes based luck and gives promo with items we really need like insanity,abu lv4 no matter what the price is. Excuse my English and Good Luck
  10. Is it worth making any buffer or SWS/BD?

    most of the iss chars are boxes better to lvl 1 yeah, i have mine too and found it was really essential
  11. Hi guys no one answered me in game so i came here my dual is dark elf Tank. if i want to reawaken it, what other classes i can choose ? should it be from the same race? for example, dark elf tank to dark elf yul or it should be tank but from other races ? i need detailed answer please and Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. Hi everyone Could you please explain the epic istina mode and how to defeat it ? I went with 2 PT last time and we all got really annihilated. There is a control device that NPC gives you, but i don't know how it's used + in the zone, there is something like circle electric thing appears and debuff all players in air, how to deal with it? I wait your advice and instructions please, exalted quest. excuse my English and Thanks in advance
  13. this is the second problem. I'm new in this server and don't know players that much Thnx well, i saw a lot of players saying (WTS N COINS) and I knew this is the way they sell coins. i want to get +99 set +weapon and other items and i can't find other ways to get them only by selling coins, all field RBs are taken down by certin people and doing the daily zones gave me only 1 R 99 Piece. btw my English is not that much and i don't know what you mean by RMTing
  14. Hello everyone I posted an article before asking about L2 store and how it works Here I understood that i can send store items to players through gift button but it's not like COD mail say that i made a deal with someone, sent gift but he didn't send me Adena Is there any rules protecting me in this case or is't just a matter of trusting? need your advice please Thanks in advance
  15. Hi people I bought some ncoins today but there are things i don't understand it since i'm new in this game. 1: There is a gift button next to purchasing and when clicking on, it asks me to insert a name + message content could you explain what is this please? 2: There some items i heard that you can only get it from L2 store like brooch and its stones like ruby+turtle. where can i find them? i searched the whole store today and didn't find it. 3: How can I sell Ncoins? i see some players saying WTB NCOINS. and how much is 1 coin? Thanks in advance for your help