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  1. Hello. Im a l2 player since 2011 in NA servers and I remember when Lineage 2 became into a free to play plataform, the game got overpopulated as happen today. in that time you did a little update making more mobs respawn on maps because there's 20 players per 1 mob and that makes a bit impossible the gameplay. I hope you GM can read this and if u are a common player as me, please support this topic for GM can read. another important thing, is the MP in lower lvls. the bad remember I have from lineage 2 years ago in the older times, is the mp consumition as low lvls that make u kill
  2. the weapon mastery and new specifications are not working too on this server. example: if you are tyrr titan, you still have a pasive skills that gives u more p atk with slasher than dual sword. but its supposed now slasher and dual sword are the same "sword / two-handed". I tried with different classes that could affect it and its exactly the same than before. the changes was for nothing. that part of this update is not working on NA.
  3. why they did all with this new organization items (i mean the weapon), if there's no changes? I equiped dual sword and slasher with a tyrr titan (same p atk both) and I still have more p atk with the slasher. is exactly as before, even when the both weapons are sword / 2 handed. so the new organization is not working on NA servers?
  4. what's about the tyrr warrior and wynn summoners changes?
  5. for istina, the answer is: istina normal is lvl 94. for get drop u need lvl 99 max. in ur party, dosnt matter if they are making dmg or not. but its true. in this game boss dosnt drop, quest dosnt give exp. ppl get lvl 95 and dont have gear to wear. thanks God I have a friend that gave me a r99 clean gear to my iss main or maybe i could wearing nothing. I dont know what expect NCwest. most of player buy for real money adena to other players to get items or they dont have anything. and I'll dont spend real money in nc coins to get gear because armor and weapon are something basic to
  6. Hi hime. when the elcyum weapons will dissapear? nice to see u here in lineage 2 forums. im looking every weeks on Aion forums any info about aion 6.0 to back there again hahaha
  7. every day we have bad news about Lineage 2 support staff. they blocked my account because I asked if I change the email "1" for the "2" and they blocked my account to protect me... WTF I had to send ticket for 3 days trying to they understand I never asked for an stolen account. thanks good I have it back. I hate have a problem in lineage 2. every time I send a ticket is a new problem bigger than the original.
  8. I did. but that character is not active. maybe the owner of that account is playing on chronos. but the account is active and those character are unactive, as say in the guide. but they dont want to do anything. I had no answer here in forums too. I feel so bad about lineage 2 support staff. because Aion and blade and soul support in nc soft NA has always given a good service.
  9. I play Aion and blade and soul too in NCsoft NA, and the support staff in lineage 2 is the worst of them. Weeks ago in the merge freya to naia, in the web site and forums guide said clear I sent a ticket asking about my name because was taken, and they only answer they wont do anything because the account is in use. i sent a ticket back saying the answer has no sence because the guide say: creation date, playtime and level. they said wont do that because the account is active, dosnt matter if the character is level 1............................................ so..... t
  10. that's exactly what im saying, they gave u back ur name cuz the "account" is inactive. they still telling me they wont do it because the account is active, even if the character is lvl 1 they dont do it.
  11. please @Conguero, read the post I tagged you. NC support don't want to respect the transfer guide in the name part. they only take in consideration the activity account and not the other points as "character level, date of creation or playtime". that character could be level 1 created 3 weeks ago and they don't want to do anything.
  12. if the character was deleted in the merge, the name is free again. exactly. this "merge" was absolutly againts our will... the nc soft team never asked us or at least made a poll to player chose what they want. players in freya was absolutly in disadvantage on this merge. now we cant get back our names because someone malicious in freya made a character lvl 1 in naia with the same name than us, lvl 1, 3 weeks ago. our efforts and the affection for our characters we had for almost 8 years (and some players more), are in the trash.... for a character lvl 1... sure....
  13. im sure is the same reply that recive all. its suposed the support team is there to "support" players. not to send "copy paste" mails. if they are not taking relevance on the age, game time, etc. of the characters, why in the web site tell us to contact them? anyway, I still have the mails in my inbox. the support team keep telling me the names is held by an active player. but the character is level 1 and was made 3 weeks ago. I made my character in magmeld when that server start up. now I have to change the name cuz there's a character level 1 made 1 week ago?
  14. the lasts days after merge freya-to-naia I logged in one of my accounts and noticed 2 of my character's name was taken. I sent a ticket to ncsoft support team and they said can't restore my name because they are held by an active account. hours later a friend logged in and told me he hold the name of one of my characters in his account. the character was made 3 weeks ago and he never logged in and he was playing on chronos server. so he never logged-in in naia server. Thanks god I could restore that character's name but the other character was unable to restore. in the support team
  15. that's was I saying in other post. Lineage2 only cares old players give them advantage and get them more away than new players. for newbies they get exhausted to farm items with instances with no drop, quest with no adenas, and event.... but those event only for NCsoft developers. because for participate in them u need to spend real cash on nc store, or be farming years with 0,000000000000005% CHANCE of get something. im not saying that spend real money on the game is something bad. but NCsoft really need to think about this and make the game FRIENDLY to new and returning players i
  16. I think u should do the game more friendly for new players. at this moment the game is so hard to get gear, even Twilight, in a easy way (yes I know all get paulina R armor at lvl 85, but u understand the point). this is the only Ncsoft game that are so unfriendly with new and returning players. I've been playing here from 2011 and im tired to invite friends to play lineage 2 and they leave in few months. I know another NCsoft games and I understand this. and its important a game get new players all the time for stay alive Lineage 2, or more popular. if new players come to pla
  17. at least i hope u will do transfer discount.
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