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  1. This is absurd !!! We paid for the prestige pack and now we can't play !? So kidding, you can only!
  2. Great, congratulations, all resolved, I bought the "Prestige Pack" and now I can not enjoy it because the server is full of bots and I can not log in. Can't you give back the money from the days left?
  3. Is it possible to exchange the main class for another class?
  4. Where I find it: Beast Soulshot. I've searched a lot and not found lol
  5. Everyone is harmed by these problems, but the ones who are most harmed are the ones who spent the money to buy prestige pack.
  6. It's so bad to rise! While mob's hit 10 times, we only hit 1. This has to be fixed. Two weeks ago it was perfect, but now ...
  7. I play at Chronos and it's still slow.
  8. After the upgrade my "Tyrr Dreadnought" was very slow, delivering 1 blow (normal) to almost 1 second, it looks like the pointer if seconds of an analog clock. What happened?
  9. Valeu parceiro pela explicação, é porque o item "Diploma" ainda é pedido no NPC para trocar no set immortal. Deveriam tirar esse item, já que não tem mais uso.
  10. How do you get set r95, r99 and r110 other than with adena? Is there any quest to achieve? Can it be purchased at the official game store? What methods are available to get these sets?
  11. Guys, how do I get the "Diploma" item to swap in the "immortal set" in the NPC Mentoring Manager (Mentor Guide). I was a mentor and a mentor and I didn't win the Mentee Certificate in any way. I am playing on Chronos Live Server. Thanks in advance to those who can help! Pessoal, como faço para que o item "Diploma" troque no "conjunto imortal" no NPC Mentoring Manager (Guia do Mentor). Eu era mentor e mentor e não ganhei o Certificado Mentee de forma alguma. Eu estou jogando no Chronos Live Server. Agradecemos antecipadamente a quem puder ajudar!
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