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  1. You dream too much bro from a nearly dead game, but thx for the input!
  2. im an old naia player, i was there when all happened. great times tho.
  3. they lose to wrath?....buahahahahahaha what a nab. do u know what was wrath/einheit in naia child? wrath was a sattelite clan for silenthorrors nab, the zerg clan with low/mid geared ppl. like ur pve clan lmao. and nova goes in naia looking for pvp, cose no challenge left in cronos, and dismiss call them here for pvp. For compete vs nova in these days, was necesary to make a server alliance between dh, sh and other clans, and only after batman was baned, they goes back to their prime time for oly/coc/sieges. better talk less and think more before u say any more bs, no one want to heared ur stu
  4. Every clan have a leadership, no matter how stacked/skilfull you are you must follow the rules, first of all, as an example for other clan members. I understand ur frustration but clan is more than a single talented person, its about to stand up together. Its easier to be a good player, but harder to build and maintain a top clan. I thought you know that. I didnt saw in my clan any rude behavior or unfair politics for explain ur answer. My clan have nice/kind people so i have nothing to complain about. What even enemies can admire is exactly nova power to rise up again and rebuild from ashes
  5. For @Norbit, as @KingNothing said, if u wanna change something in good, talk to ur ppl, to ur nice core peeps: kick toxic players, respect small clans fights and not interfere... Not only you, for all ms, as clan rules. If u dont find pvp, at least u spend some time or effort for improving ur clan imagine on server... Its not a rule to be bad if u wanna show u are top. About situation with nova... If u want pvp, im sure clan leaders can find a decent solution together, and if clan members who are toxic dont respect that, u can kick them. If u think u can rule with chaos, trust me, this n
  6. Hello all again. Needless to say, old enemies becomes friends in the end bcose they start to respect each other. Ofc flaming/trolling its a part of fun in game, we cant play like robots, we are humans and we have feelings to share! We will cross the line in many cases, this is for sure. And when u want to be top, and cant for the moment, always cheat somehow, or using tricks. But when u become wise u will understand, its a must to be a limit of ur action if u want this game alive. If ppl will cash out, or stop pvp, game will die, ncsoft will put the plug and delete all, cose they keep this gam
  7. The begining discussion was about server situation not about bumping ur useless ego, ur rude behaviour and verbal violence make ppl avoid ur clan, ur now the "one and only" with no more competitors and wonder why ppl dont wanna pvp with you... Bcose u dont deserve this anymore as clan. As a response for ur detagg strategy and avoiding pvp we do the same why are u care so much about that if nova is a dead clan as u said? Focus on other activities if you are so valuable and important, dont cry so much every day. But let other ppl from server tell their opinion about that, or u like to hear yours
  8. I playing in my timezone, im european... As u saw, i was part of euro fotomoto cp. I was for pvp with them and with another nova players. U was also, but seems u have some lack of memories. Im not in ur arranged pvp bcose i wasnt online, i dont play so much bcose work & familly but i do my part for clan, dont worry, for me game is what it is, something for chillout after a hard working day. And i dont detagg, cose no matter if u xp or pvp, is the same part of a game. Ur antigame clan strategy of detagging with low players and only zerg on sieges was the reason nova stoped the war now. And
  9. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/1930-a-challenge-for-ms-nova/
  10. Hi all. I respect Katrise bcose its a fair player, i learned things from him from the tank subforum, he was kind and nice helping ppl. But i cant agree with him now. There are 2 big types of ppl who enjoy games, first tend to be farmers, and the other are most pvp'ers. No matter what gear u have, starter gear or endgame, attitude is everything. I saw ppl with dragon weapons or greater jools avoiding pvp as much as they can, cose they hate pvp, oly, or maybe they dont have fingers for that. Explain me why to invest so much money in pixels only for more farm... I dont know. its lame but is their
  11. ur so funny guys. i remembered when almost all ms members detagg clan for avoiding pvp. now, when not so much enemies left, oh yeah now u have ballz and big mouth. such a lame clan. u dont have nothing to be proud of it, and for ur pitiful propaganda. u get drunked with cold watter, big kiddos.
  12. ur so pathetic with this useless propaganda, rly. u have nothing to be proud for. show us an active clan during week and no more detag and we will see how brave ms are. u complain about the zerg but ur the real one, hypocrits.
  13. Django

    Best option

    orc better or change dual class with iss if u wanna stay like u are now. titan with light elf race have lame stats. or if u wanna invest $$, change race on dorf, this is perfect choice for both classes, titan and tank.
  14. Django

    Roadmap 2018

    agree with you...if they will put permanent in store, problem solved, and server will have life again, like on core.
  15. sad but true, this game dying and admins dont care about that. now they put even a rule to not use their name in a normal topic, like in nazi or inquisition time.
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