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  1. How to get a pet?

    https://l2wiki.com/Obtain_a_Wolf_Pet https://l2wiki.com/Little_Wing Both quest has beed removed from the game, so you can't get it anymore. you can still buy from other players.
  2. Stones (Holy/Earth...)

    https://l2wiki.com/Not_Strong_Enough_Alone with this quest you will get a random reward. Stones can be sell around 500-800k Crystals can be sell around 5kk - 7kk EWR around ¿? i dont remember but is more than 5kk EAR around 500-800k if you get Ingredient and Hardener Pouch (R-grade) this isnt the most bestest quest but can help you a little psdt: sorry for my bad english..
  3. Clan Latino Recluta / Devils Disciples

    Aun buscan gente o ya se retiraron del L2?