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  1. Prolly change your email and password too, who knows wtf you were doing.
  2. Scan your system, update drivers, run l2 repair...
  3. why we play l2?

    Lmfao.. NCWest pictured all redneck in a white wife beater tee... driving a big truck to compensate, while their family starves.. that put a smile on my face I play just cause i can make my own party, my schedule is one thats 24/7 365 oncall, with very few 8hr days.. so finding a CP is not gonna happen for me.. I do my solo dailies when i have time, or join a party dailies when i can.. Not sure why i still play, 1 shot at sieges.. but i go when i can. I could be playing drop in games, fps.. but same nonsense with different hacks... Events are the dumbest, p2w bs is even pissing off whales.. which is funny, the only change ncsoft made after hearing that events were screwing over regular players? Screw over whales too.. now everyone is happy right.. lolz..
  4. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 29, 2018

    The answer is no.. We must suffer for awhile, just because Korea is admiting they were wrong and trying to fix it.. NCWest is never wrong...
  5. Awakening Buff Changes

    Wow, some really dumb replies... They should take the skills out of game, instead leaving one option.. all self buffs.. and do no damage.. they give newbie buffs, does it not work with those for low levels? They made a mistake, they wont own upto it... all the classes i play has useless skills never to be used now cluttering skill tab just to fill content...
  6. Lineage II: Salvation - Etina's Fate Now Live!

    Id like to hear more, can you break down your argument into i onno, why... for starters.. Then we can move onto the power point presentation.. dont hold back.
  7. Wynn Summoner buff bugged with new update

    After stewing for this, and not even that long... with the CM's giving the excuses about business models... It's a fair look at what exactly that is... Current Business model, Slowly make 1 char OP, not even with top gears, so people spend money to reroll to that char, they spend money... then make it nearly unplayable..so they feel like only option is to reroll and spend more money on a new char.. Feohs are next, they will get nerfed at some point when ncsoft feels like they milked all they can out of it..
  8. Wynn Summoner buff bugged with new update

    Wow, i hadnt noticed yet... So overall, my archer/wynn char is most nerfed right now... sweet... Thx ncsoft for doing this, i will have my own opinion and say, making this game garbage is a reflection of you not me... Glad you guys spent your time translating patch notes, and obviously lying about checking them out in game.. which is proof you didnt even try to get patch notes right with what is in the game... considering all the typos and mistakes that are common place and being reported already... So back to this topic, In all the time you spent testing the game build that was sent to you... either are bad at your jobs, or have no idea what to look for? Nerfd archers and wynns...what to do now, pay more and reroll? Wonder if these chars were targeted just for that.
  9. Lul Archers in Orfen Update?

    Any STR build archers confirm?
  10. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    Lol @ when patch notes comes out... They either hiding the fact someone (char wise) is getting nerfd..or that they are removing more items... Possibly removing free r99 sets and now including them in a NCstore promo event to make people spend money if they want to even get it...for only $400 you could have the chance to get a +0 to +10 r99 set clean, and use this to explore the new world of L2... For an additional 99% APR, NCsoft will offer a new credit card to spend soley on the game.. you could one day be a pve destoryer or pvp master.. Just a thought..
  11. Hotfix Maintenance: Monday, August 20, 2018

    Do i need to manually remove the Gameguard folder, or is it possible your programmers have included this in the update? If manually, am i going to be compensated for my time to work for ncsoft?
  12. Chat ban

    You prolly type in something that triggered an auto ban, like.. i had the BOMB drink last night, and was watching the PRESIDENT on the news..
  13. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 8, 2018

    Ok, Lets assume the gms are on the up and up... Please stop laughing... Imagine thier problems, they have X amount of players, and are told the game must make X amount of money or they loose a server... Obviously, they just lost a server.. and spun media to it being a great thing to combine servers... Now they have new quota, like cops write tickets.. they dont really care what they can catch you on, nor if you end up paying at court or not.. they did thier job, and might not have one if the city cuts resources and funding... So Gms just doing thier jobs, events are calculated that ncsoft needs X amount, X amount of players expected to gamble on event = quota... even if ncsoft has to make the chane .04% Gms can do nothing, but back thier companies descision... they may not even agree with what ncsoft is doing... but they cant tell us that.. All we can do is wait and see, and wonder if at any point someone will be a whistle blower and find out how we have been really fooled. Prolly ncsoft would shut down the game, but i would bet they already have some metric they are using and already have a shutdown date...prolly in a year or so...
  14. Attack

    You mean sell nc store item which makes your char non flag, non atk other player for 1hr? Cost 160ncoin? Sounds like a money maker.
  15. Lineage II - August Preview

    Top items?? Define top items?? To me a current top item is an event item that comes around once a year, maybe twice with a less of a chance to aquire then myself trying to get a OP weapon enchanted. Which i also dont have. So i set that aside, and try real money... welp, same shiz different day...only just not time wasted playing the game, now IRL money wasted... yup, thats how i picture my hourly wage... hours at my job right into the toilet, thanks ncsoft... I will surely work more hours for you, not... I will be on the forums, because i can be.. until i have no need to be here.. and thats when you resolve my tickets to a satisfactory level of pleasing me.. yup, if you want more of my money.. i want you to do whats right... it cost you nothing to fix the 1s and 0s ... it cost me money i could of used on anything you can imagine, hope, or dreamed about.. i used it to improve my character, an after all said and done.. to have nothing from it??? Enjoy my posts, i have the time.. my time..i spend it how i choose... and currently not choosing to look forward to budgeting a few bucks to throw at you.. i know a place to get more satisfaction for a dollar...