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  1. Maybe the will be sent Skelth servers to go back to 1 server 1 game.

    They dont care.. simple.. As seen everytime they say they found a potential problem... its like really? .. no information about it, no admission of guilt, or mistake.. and no fix. It would be there only solution is pointing fingers at eachother outside our view, which still does not solve problem. Its not random problem, its not a generic bug.. its incompetence somewhere, and yes for them someone is to blame. But for us, they are all to blame.. This should be an all hands on deck issue for them, and yet seems even before covid lockdowns they treat it as minor problem.. sit at their desks and watch youtube vidoeos, or other tine wasting distractions while collecting paycheck for nothing... Im sure thru all of this their biggest job is watching KPIs and trends, not even care about server but plan which shiny thing to dangle for more monies. In aftermath that we can only hope will come soon, is admissiin of problem.. compensation, and business as usually.. No hope for real world heads on sticks, shady stories of some programmer fired for intentional sabatoge, or other drama to deflect and show it was all a conspiracy and our great ncwest is so innocent of all this. Not to worry tho, enough sheep still spend money to send NCSOFT so reports are all is ok and they shouldnt intervene.
  3. A flash sale for the consumable?

    Yes.. and dont do it lile that crummy Essence server and give it away... real money for real items... ohh wait.. virtual items...
  4. Lineage II NA just turned 16

    I dont sadly.. Closed beta to C4 Kain Capcomiii
  5. Cloack enchant

    All the top spenders and everyone else been crying for this event... No one gonna show up and post a video of success or failure.. so far no real proof, just more crying. Someone bound to have great things to say about this event.
  6. Cloack enchant

    You seriously didnt think you would get what you paid for right? What event has ever been that way.
  7. Do not worry, they will figure it out.. right?? I mean look at the track record of recent exploits... the swords for one. I keep hearing NCWests hands are tied be NCKorea... so wtf is with NCWest not keeping up with fixing exploits before they arrive here? NCKorea had no issues with swords? Or they did and thry fixed it, and how long did that take? Before we got the patch? So why wasnt it fixed? Why are exploits and other bugs not on NCWest priority of talking with NCKorea devs so we can have patches inplace and ready to go... With no anticheat system, server lag is most likely another exploit happening.. So far behind doing their jobs, one wonders what their job is.
  8. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

    Do highest NCoin amount event in history plz, better now before everyone broke...
  9. Exp is a NIGHTMARE, farm is a NIGHTMARE.

    Game is no longer about XP farm... XP you can buy with NCoin .. Now you farm Adena, without 100% drop rate and dismal amount... The wall is now at free gear, it will only get you so far, then your stuck with no adena to upgrade to even hunt in the area of your level.. So to even hunt there, you make more toons, load more boxes... XP is cut even farther down, no point in buying XP.. adena drop still for nothing, go for weeks with free gear and slow kill speeds... adena is now accumilated on farming party, so you wont ever upgrade them all, have to focus on main.. not enough to go around, and ofcourse seeing the trickle effect into area's being overpopulated... wonder why... stupid ass Dev Team. Is not even a good joke on players, and if not fixed soon I'll just take another break.... come back again later with tons of stuff deleted off my accounts, more and more items that are worthless..
  10. Maintenance has been postponed .. due to the coronavirus noone is available to reset the server.. *cough cough
  11. fairy island party zone?

    reopen necropolis and catacombs while your at it.
  12. Botting?

    @helv my post means bots that use those skills moving them around..yes you can set skill then drop it in first macro slot to loop, but then it will always he in same spot.. not move around with you...
  13. Botting?

    although NA ncsoft GMs do nothing about botting because it would almost be a fulltime job, insert empathy here concerning thier poor proformance and still getting paid todo nothing besides wait for miracle patch in update. still you should report, make them see that yea.. they still are not doing an aspect of their job. So easy to spot some bots just knowing how game works.. like watching bots do a skill like pheonix arrow, poison cloud, or snare that requires user input moving it around 24/7. Ive reported such bots, never seen anything happen to them. GMs seem to not login, on main GM or even undercover to do anything... makes you wonder what if anything their job really is.
  14. Ether : Debunking new crafting system

    Only 2 senarios, 1) They are trying to kill off population to close server. 2)Ncsoft tested the DEVs with the patch, by not including set prices and other "default" settings that the DEVs either totally ignored, didnt check, or otherwise failed the test
  15. They need to explain why they made my old Rudolph that gave atk speed buff like the new joke one that does nothing... wtf?