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  1. No... that is not fair at all... They should ban you, delete the crystal and give the adena back to buyer.. end of story.
  2. seems like they just said the event is better for supports... but didnt really do anything to make it that way.. nice..
  3. think of l2 ike a garden, that is at empty house... unattended, over grown with weeds.. it could be a productive garden again... but requires someone to buy the house... as we cannot come together as a cummunity because the game isnt open source.
  4. Its a real event.. giving you option to pay monies.. aside from that, its a real solo event.. catering to higher levels who at those levels already have the gear they are giving away...or better so they will stick it on their supports or sell at insane prices.. all good right ncsoft.. cause no way should a new player have top item... :puke:
  5. its not ncsoft.. its greedy ncwest... look at their past statements about patches and actions... they said they only remove game content we dont have... but keep messing with the patches even further to put stuff in l2 store...
  6. They could fix all this with a anticheat program.. stop the bots, the adena spam, etc... they just cheap asses and want to boost numbers.. The only reason the past anticheats failed is because it required monitoring.. and obviously our gms are to lazy.. they want everything done for them, or they do nothing at all... which is where the game is now... no live gms, no support whatsoever..
  7. I miss to much to list.. NCSOFT, the MMORPG killer..
  8. They wont annouce it... but the real question is how many of these people who are getting temp bans were repeat offenders... and still got temp ban..
  9. Lol the ratio of permabans to temp bans is so stupid... It must be ncoin based, constantly people with a minor infraction are perma banned while others get warning... there is no consistencey with the gm actions. good reading on the BBB for this game.. hypocriacy.
  10. Lol Degus, every week someone with 0 posts complains because they dont know what gmt server clock runs on... omg is not 6/24 at my home yet!! wtf!!
  11. All this news makes me miss Floran Village... good times...
  12. IMO, this current system and newer system is going to be once again poorly implemented.. full of exploits and hacks catering to problems NCSOFT wont address.. Ive read a 10000% better idea in this thread and it should be given consideration. Game is PVP/PVE.. there are safe zones and war zones already ingame.. there is 70% of the world map useless to anyone playing the game and gives more then enough room to make PVP and PVE hunting zones... drops, xp, adena should be reflected by the area you choose... Obvious 100% problem solved and yet NCSOFt chooses a 1% option. GG
  13. Holy crap more cheating, exoiting, and game balance with archers too.. Breaking news.. the already OP archers that exploit their ranged OP attacks have skills to jump farther away!! And if that is not the worst news ever.. they have skills to summon arrows that make them even more OP!! Wtf.. I would reroll if I wasnt already one..
  14. I like cookies.. can we get some milk too?
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