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  1. Rudolf Agathion or Similar

    I 2nd that, would be nice.. not all chars are max atk speed with basic items.. also, tera... when you going to release a new vid?
  2. Help My char cant move ( new here )

    soe or type /unstuck and wait 5 mins
  3. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    Someone explain how this event works.. I see currently Rare Accessory Pack, so there are 6 rounds of chances for 1 person to win? not every round? Is there an npc rolling dice somewhere?
  4. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    So... You have to claim the coins at the end of each event period? Or, can you clam them whenever as long as your logged on.. fishing or whatever and claim them the next day? edit. Also Event is on server time? .. so the /time to get server time... why they add /localtime .. just shows your own local time.. like you dont have a clock nearby...
  5. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    The Apperance lasts for 1hr, each event time is 1hr in length, so can you provide more detail of it's usage? As in, Needs to be applied after the start time for the event, meaning only needs to be active during the event time any for length of time? Ie, appearance is put on 30 mins before start time, you would only get 30 mins during event period.. will you still be eligible for selection for the prize? So that works both ways, if you activate the appearance with only 5 mins time left in the event period are you eligible for that event periods drawing? Then the final question, since there are no spaces between even periods, if I start 1 appearance at 30mins into one event and it lasts 30 mins into the next event window, does it count for both? If not .. wth ... why didnt you space out the event times to allow some cooldown for the the appearance items.
  6. November 2018 Preview

    Offer rewards for playing? So like the attendance system? Or paid for boxes to open? Cause thats what it looked like in the video.
  7. Shadow weapons exist here?

    Gludio instance...
  8. Suggestion Ncsoft App database..

    Is this a secret request?
  9. Shadow weapon help

    They gonna pop like popcorn...
  10. So true.. But where are the events for lesser items, its been a rush the past year with all end game items that should be high priced. I worry now they will do low and midgrade stuff @10k ncoin.. lolz
  11. Live Server FUTURE Events

    Hmm, Also noticed there havent been any monthly previews... is that for the surprise factor?
  12. Its like its beyound ncsofts imagination to offer events that dont yied the next greatest thing for the top players... This event says, for everyone you can get what top players want to add to thier gear, but you will never be top player because all the other stuff over the years that they already have is only part of it... and without those mediocre parts, everyone should chase end game items... Its like wtf, make an event for low-mid .. who cares if a whale misses on spending money on an event because they already have the equipment or its subpar.. prolly get more money from the people tha5 need the right equipment at the right price then the retarded system you have in place.
  13. Live Server FUTURE Events

    @Hime Your very clever choice of words spelling out the future of the live servers is astonishing.. "flush out" new events, Im willing to bet by that statement alone it means, gouge every last cent out before they are shut of, as it seems with this past year of events.
  14. Prolly change your email and password too, who knows wtf you were doing.
  15. Scan your system, update drivers, run l2 repair...