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  1. What do you miss?

    I miss to much to list.. NCSOFT, the MMORPG killer..
  2. They wont annouce it... but the real question is how many of these people who are getting temp bans were repeat offenders... and still got temp ban..
  3. Fair and Justice

    Lol the ratio of permabans to temp bans is so stupid... It must be ncoin based, constantly people with a minor infraction are perma banned while others get warning... there is no consistencey with the gm actions. good reading on the BBB for this game.. hypocriacy.
  4. Birthday code removed?

    Lol Degus, every week someone with 0 posts complains because they dont know what gmt server clock runs on... omg is not 6/24 at my home yet!! wtf!!
  5. All this news makes me miss Floran Village... good times...
  6. IMO, this current system and newer system is going to be once again poorly implemented.. full of exploits and hacks catering to problems NCSOFT wont address.. Ive read a 10000% better idea in this thread and it should be given consideration. Game is PVP/PVE.. there are safe zones and war zones already ingame.. there is 70% of the world map useless to anyone playing the game and gives more then enough room to make PVP and PVE hunting zones... drops, xp, adena should be reflected by the area you choose... Obvious 100% problem solved and yet NCSOFt chooses a 1% option. GG
  7. Tyr Maestro Cheat - Abusing Game

    Holy crap more cheating, exoiting, and game balance with archers too.. Breaking news.. the already OP archers that exploit their ranged OP attacks have skills to jump farther away!! And if that is not the worst news ever.. they have skills to summon arrows that make them even more OP!! Wtf.. I would reroll if I wasnt already one..
  8. Tyr Maestro Cheat - Abusing Game

    I like cookies.. can we get some milk too?
  9. You guys did it, you're famouse!!!

    you mean youtube..
  10. One month anniversary at L2

    meanwhile in Korea.. NCKorea posts about DEVs listening to the the player base and making changes.. NON seen here..
  11. 7 day vit runes till problem solved would be better then anything they would dream up for compensation. I still think the server problems are caised by poor db management, hence their problem running the "planned" 2 events... they change so much in the patches to give us a different game they dont even know what they are breaking and have to cry to devs for fixes.
  12. 16th Anniversary Boxes

    I like how Juji says the boxes are broken because they were not compatible with running 2 events. Then doesnt say dont delete the coins cause maybe they will be extended to the next event. Also, they didnt even bother to fix the system and adjust rewards because of all of it... what a total lack of respect for the game and player base.
  13. and dont for get when you plan on not following the rules, be sure to add a disclaimer. The Sponsor’s determination of the Winners is final and binding and not subject to review or appeal.
  14. Such BS... Even the GM's cant follow their own rules.. I submitted this one.. IMO better then the ones picked. https://imgur.com/a/kCwRHRr
  15. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 20, 2020

    that event has been postponed till everyone forgets about the compensation they offered.