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  1. Chat ban

    You prolly type in something that triggered an auto ban, like.. i had the BOMB drink last night, and was watching the PRESIDENT on the news..
  2. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 8, 2018

    Ok, Lets assume the gms are on the up and up... Please stop laughing... Imagine thier problems, they have X amount of players, and are told the game must make X amount of money or they loose a server... Obviously, they just lost a server.. and spun media to it being a great thing to combine servers... Now they have new quota, like cops write tickets.. they dont really care what they can catch you on, nor if you end up paying at court or not.. they did thier job, and might not have one if the city cuts resources and funding... So Gms just doing thier jobs, events are calculated that ncsoft needs X amount, X amount of players expected to gamble on event = quota... even if ncsoft has to make the chane .04% Gms can do nothing, but back thier companies descision... they may not even agree with what ncsoft is doing... but they cant tell us that.. All we can do is wait and see, and wonder if at any point someone will be a whistle blower and find out how we have been really fooled. Prolly ncsoft would shut down the game, but i would bet they already have some metric they are using and already have a shutdown date...prolly in a year or so...
  3. Attack

    You mean sell nc store item which makes your char non flag, non atk other player for 1hr? Cost 160ncoin? Sounds like a money maker.
  4. Lineage II - August Preview

    Top items?? Define top items?? To me a current top item is an event item that comes around once a year, maybe twice with a less of a chance to aquire then myself trying to get a OP weapon enchanted. Which i also dont have. So i set that aside, and try real money... welp, same shiz different day...only just not time wasted playing the game, now IRL money wasted... yup, thats how i picture my hourly wage... hours at my job right into the toilet, thanks ncsoft... I will surely work more hours for you, not... I will be on the forums, because i can be.. until i have no need to be here.. and thats when you resolve my tickets to a satisfactory level of pleasing me.. yup, if you want more of my money.. i want you to do whats right... it cost you nothing to fix the 1s and 0s ... it cost me money i could of used on anything you can imagine, hope, or dreamed about.. i used it to improve my character, an after all said and done.. to have nothing from it??? Enjoy my posts, i have the time.. my time..i spend it how i choose... and currently not choosing to look forward to budgeting a few bucks to throw at you.. i know a place to get more satisfaction for a dollar...
  5. Lineage II - August Preview

    @argus.. I have found a spot im happy to play in... Just thought the events worked better..should work better.. Say 75 scrolls should = +10 cloak minimum.. 150scrolls for +15.. all risk after to whatever after..that is character improvement for real money.. 7500 scrolls farmed via mobs for the same, is time put in if you have it.. but alas, that wasnt an option... Only option here is some items only availible via ncoin during events, once or twice a year.. basically extortion for character improvement. Its the reality of a greedy company that would introduce an event, say they fixed it based on the complaints of players in the last one... which i wasnt around for.. then screw the mass of people over again... with what, a few cloaks that worked?? Do the player base math, a few people get on here and say its all good worked for me and they think we will care to spend more to try.. Im glad it worked for a few, even if they were low luc chars.. didnt for me.. I dont pay to praise ncsoft, they earn it.. and obviously im full of negative reviews thus far since returning to the game this year...
  6. Lineage II - August Preview

    Just looked at that page, so the NA SERVER outnumbers all other servers and we still get updates last, poor service, and event scams... Im going to take a screen shot of the page every weekend now, and start posting them.. Its not like my support tickets ask for special treatment, cause they dont.. Its not that i want end game stuff now and nothing to work for.. hell ive only recently gotten endgame stuff i was working towards when awakening came out... I just want my money to actually improve my character, not a chance to... leave the "chance" to ingame farmable, huntable items, enchantable items...
  7. Lineage II - August Preview

    Thats what im saying, where did they come up with the new number to enter.. based on current dragon farm? Ofcourse what am I thinking, our gms arent loggin into the server.. they to busy to get actual data and player experience because they spread to thin covering all ncsoft games... Mah bad.. ++ Also miss the days of gms that actually played a live character.. I would venture a real bet, that no GM plays this game.. solely because of no wanting to give any of thier hard earned money back to ncsoft.. really tells you the true state of the game.
  8. Lineage II - August Preview

    I miss the old days, 200 people requirement to enter, forcing a truce on server to accomplish end game goals...
  9. Lineage II - August Preview

    So after thought, the 65% reduction is really only to level boxes.. the gms surely know and have seen how dragons are farmed... Lets not even mention what time the dragons and raid bosses spawn after resets, they come up.. early morning when most NA players are at work... wtf is that about?
  10. Lineage II - August Preview

    Add in 65% reduction in xp needed to get to 105... Wont be long at all, we will see mass macro pts with 1 top gear player per party power lvling boxes.. prolly already has started.. gg.
  11. Lineage II - August Preview

    @Yidao your joking right? Raid bosses and dragons use to 1hr min to kill, which set the market for value.. nothing has changed... Ohh wait it has, it only take less then 20mins to kill a dragon.. and the quickest party ive ever been in, only took 5 mins to kill.. and most of the required people to get in, boxes... People solo raids in minutes, so how does equipment cost even remain near the same? All these new areas and raids, easy pickings for the peeps that already do the exsiting ones...
  12. Lineage II - August Preview

    Its a sinking ship, closing servers.. they are going to bleed those that are left for every penny they can get... as these events go.. we are on the titanic, and the band already got swept away..
  13. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    What?? Same as cloak event?? So now I need +luc to gain xp?? Prolly be more like, they reduced the time for normal players that dont have endgame gear to 5 years instead of 7... But still just a few weeks for the endgamers to go from 105 to 110 one shotting mobs.. GG...
  14. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 1, 2018

    You forgot the, 1,000,000,000 NCoin bruce wayne package... no gmu, free raised, no samonela veggies, and gluten free bun.
  15. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 1, 2018

    Shopping at ncsoft is like being at burgerking and trying to order a bigmac...