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  1. Bugs in new update

    I have noticed the following bugs in the new update : 1. The menu of exchanging clan coins is not working. Now it has a new name "trade daily coins" but when you press it - nothing happens. 2. Practically there is no way now to learn fish skills. I tried to learn "expand trade" skill, but it requires tradable fish only. Now you can get only untradable fish by fishing, which is not accepted for learning fish skills. 3. Debuffs on mobs are not displayed any more. I think it is a major bug. 4. The name of the character is not displayed any more on the top left corner. It causes a problem if boxing several chars. I am sure there are other bugs. Please, feed this topic.
  2. TEXTURE OF MOBS and PET-giran

    To fix this you need to go to : Settings > Video > Advanced settings > Advanced shader effects. Then uncheck Advanced shader effects. Done
  3. Bann PK GK Now!

    Not only global teleport should be restricted, but also the use of porting to saved locations and teleporting to another party member.