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  1. But, seriously, you've completely destroyed current servers with pay to win and ancient cheaters, botters that were never banned. The situation is beyond fixable and has been for years. Just please launch a new server with no pay to win cash shop items, for a chance to save this game. And definitely do not a allow transfers to that server. Leave the pay to win on current, already completely destroyed, pointless to play on, servers for dumb f's who still support this.
  2. Congratz, you're making it into mmo news with this insane pay to win nonsense. OMEGALUL
  3. The moment everyone knows about this, is the moment Jewel Grinder prices will skyrocket and it will stop being viable for anyone. Unless that's your goal, better edit your post and maybe just tell your friends. Otherwise no one will benefit from that, but the pay to win ppl that already have insane amount of jewel grinder. But it's probably already too late.
  4. There's a few layers to this. First of all, things always fall on game design. You can never count on "dumb masses" that will play your game to be perfect. Back in the day it took forever to get to higher levels. By the time you did, most would already have figured out their class and core basics. And have a general sense of what gear is required to do certain thing. Now you have pay to win in full force. Clueless people can level up fast, get otherwise unobtainable gear, while learning nothing about the game. Having no nuanced ideas of how things actually work, how to play, wh
  5. Well, considering we can see most of the changes far in advance, by reading the Korean patch notes, almost everything is as expected. The problem really isn't the actual game content. Even at its low points, the game was still a better mmorpg than most, due it's superb design. The biggest problem currently is it's pay to win system.
  6. You can get a bit farther and be more involved by playing a support class, like healer. Of course, anyone can do whatever they want. While in a form of a reply to a specific question like this, my comment is more on the state of the game and a reminder to NC that their game is still broken.
  7. You gotta update the CPU microcode, by flashing the latest version of bios in conjunction with Windows update to properly patch the Intel cpu flaw
  8. Free to play? Don't play a rogue. PvP is dead and that's the whole point of playing a rogue. In PvE you'll just hit a wall with no gear and no way to progress. Pay to Win? You'll be supporting the exact thing that's killing this game.
  9. Rogue PvP Live now https://www.twitch.tv/evlorc
  10. Any lv. 85 wanna do Zaken on Naia? Room open. "Doom
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