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  1. Graphical issue since update

    The setting "Advanced Shader Effects" makes all the mobs and summons black. Just all black. Well except the Cursed Man, which seems to blink madly from black to some crazy red/gold color over and over. Both my PC and the wife's PC have the same issue, unticking this setting prevents the blackness from taking over the mobs. General system specs: PC#1 Ryzen 1300X@4gHz, 16GB ram, GTX 1050 Ti Phoenix PC#2 Ryzen 1200@3.8gHz, 8GB ram, GTX 750 Ti (reference card) Note: I've tried file repair, updating directX, reverting to older drivers, etc. None helped.
  2. $500 bucks for Tier 7 and $125 a month to maintain it? What meth-monkey came up with that? I don't care if Gill Bates played the game, if his decision making skills were compromised to the point that he paid for this even once, I'd suggest the men in white smocks come get him and watch him carefully to make sure he didn't eat his own fingers or something. Holy crap. This reminds me of a few years back when NCW introduced "hero coins". One, clean R99 weapon from hero coins would require a player to spend over $330,000 (three hundred, and thirty thousand) US Dollars, with a time limit of one year. After everyone called NC out on being ... well, you know what they said, or can guess. NCW was all like "uwoooh! sowwy! we'll weduce dat cost by HALF! Much bettew? uwu~" Just. Absolute. Foolishness.
  3. Several issues with Auto-Hunt

    Auto-Hunt not working: You likely have inadvertently changed the next target type. Menu -> Options -> Game Play tab -> At bottom, "Set Next Target" and change it to "Monster". There is a shortcut that changes this (rotates through options) I believe it is CTRL+T. Unable to drag potions: Your shortcut bar is likely locked, this prevents adding macros to auto-hunt window, adding items to auto-use supplies, as well as adding/selecting potions in auto-potion window. Automatic Running: There is a keyboard shortcut to automatically run forward, I believe it is NumLock, check if key is sticky perhaps. Hope some of this helped.
  4. Being in party with higher level character(s) in a town causes drops for the lower level character(s) who are in hunting zones to get messed up. Example: I play my lowbie chicken, who is level 32. I party my warcryer (who is level 50) in town and get buffs. I teleport the lowbie(32) to execution grounds and start hitting mobs, with the warcryer(50) still in town, but also still in party. Lowbie gets no drops of any sort. No items, no adena, nothing. I /dismiss the warcryer from the party, drops start up again. I party my SE (51), who is in town and drops stop completely again. Lowbie's account has VIP3, buffer account has no VIP at all (yet). Pretty sure that this has never been the way that parties work. The higher level characters are not near the lowbie (not in exp sharing range), so shouldn't be affecting drop rates. Something is mucked up.