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  1. Yewels

    Necklace Your main necklace 99% of the time is Lilith's Soul Necklace for the Mental Attack which is your most important stat. It's the only necklace giving Mental Attack and Defense. For Olympiad you can use Blessed Valakas' Necklace for the extra damage but only versus certain matchups, as for the Frintezza's Soul Necklace - only versus Tyrrs. Earrings You need 3 earrings, 1 that you will have all the time, and 2 for switch. Blessed Antharas' Earring you should always have it. Gives you a huge defense, and it one of two best earrings ingame for the Mental Attack. Lindvior's Earring you will use it for Mass PvP and Olympiad Matches versus people who can jump away effectively Special Resistance Earring - Mental Attack This is the second best Mental jewel ingame, you should use it for: some of Olympiad matches, 7v7 PvP versus strong Feoh groups, and casting your hero fear/silence or Augment Fear. Rings There are a lot of good rings and you need most of them for certain reasons. Baium's Soul Ring for the Mental Attack, I have it on me most of the time Tauti's Ring for the PvP Damage Reduction, and some extra damage in Olympiad Earth Wyrm Heart Ring on 7v7 versus groups with 2-3 Feohs to ignore the snares, unless the Feohs deal low damage then: Beleth's Ring on 7v7 and Olympiad for the extra silence power, but I strongly recommend against using it for Mass PvP, because there are better options Ruler's Ring of Authority only for Olympiad, mostly against the runners, you should equip it, cast a ranged skill to trigger the paralyze, and switch back to a better ring Source: Palkah
  2. When will we have the official announcement that the books will only be L2Store ???
  3. have been frustratingly waiting for some good event, sometimes it is good to listen to the community.
  4. Hello, WTB Ferios Cloak +10 -> 18b WTB Dark or Bloody Avenger 3SA -> 15b
  5. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    Is it serious? Until today? What type of company gets a network outage for 4 days? There is no communication with users, regrettable the low technical and communicative capacity.
  6. WTB R99 Heavy +10

  7. I play in NAIA, apparently the Live servers were forgotten, not an event put ....
  8. will not we have a new event ???
  9. WTB R99 Heavy +10

    Hello guys, WTB R99 Heavy +10 CLEAN send private message or reply
  10. Level that nerf instances

    Thanks for the answer
  11. Abundance talismans event

    Abundance is possible to buy, we need a shirt event!
  12. Hello, I returned to play a few weeks, today I am level 100, I have done several instances but usually never drops practically anything relevant. Can someone tell me what level difference nerf drops is? Generally I do partys random, sometimes they enter playes 103..104 ... I believe that this is influencing.