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  1. 2 prestige pack canceled ... GZ continue the good work ..
  2. Every time you make an update game is harder for us .. with 112 feoh before update i farm IOS and now i died in some seconds.. with the same buffs with the same equip.. Soon server it will be for 100 people who pay a lot of real money per month for the game ... i already cancel the prestige pack that i had for 12 months in a row ... Good job continue like that and you will be alone in this game !!!
  3. so many mistakes and all at the expense of the customers !!! you can not be so irresponsible !!! you do not respect the money that your customers give you !!! if there is a serious manager there he should send you for a permanent vacation back to your home !!!
  4. Disconnects again and again !!! I post and you delete my post and you dont even answer !! The problem is at your server - game !! I bring 2 times technician from my isp company and 1 more time specialized network technician from Cisco and they said the same thing that my connection is perfect !!! If the problem was with nccoins im sure 100% your support team would have solved it instantly !!! Tell me what is going on and people from Greece dc all the time !! @Juji
  5. Disconnects continue for one more day and we will not have any answer from your support team !!! If we couldnt buy nccoins im sure that the problem would have already been solved immediately... We couldnt have all the players problem from our isp ( internet provider service ). I take the case that the problem is from my isp . Why from 2 accounts i disconnect only from the 1 account. if i had problem and i lost the connection from my isp then i will get a new ip adress ( cause my ip isnt static) and then i will need verify my account. Right ???
  6. Again lag and disconnects .. from 3300 people in 1 minutes server goes to 2000 ... what going on ?? You move the server to amazon but the problems still exist ...
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