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  1. It is the first place where I looked but I don't find anything about dual swords or weapons as well as free as Jural says above
  2. and Can you tell me where is the VIP store, please?
  3. Hello After downloading the new installer, I tried to execute it and i got this pop-up https://imgur.com/wxpg8RZ Any idea what this means and/or how to fix it? Just to clarify, I DO have Windows 7 installed
  4. Enchant weapons R

    Hi, well, I was a player from the beginning of L2, from the old school of L2 and I have returned recently and obviously the game is very different I tried to enchant my R weapons, but they break to +4 .... bad luck (come on! ....), I see weapons at +10, +15 The last one was a requiem weapon that I had obtained with the mentor certificates and did not give me the R crystals. So, something I'm doing wrong They could tell me (explain as if I was stupid) that scrolls, etc. are being used in this new version Thank you so much!
  5. HELP ME

    The same thing happened to a friend ....
  6. One of my clan friends was level 68 (spellsinger), she visited Tarti and followed the quest and reached level 85 and passed to Feoh Mystic Muse, but she did not get the equipment Paulina S grade or the Paulina R grade, nor the mentor certificates to exchange for equipment R. How do you get these equipments now?
  7. I do not understand anything Where can I read quests for newcomers in the game? Which quest gives the team Paulina grde S and grade R? Has the rate of adena and drop decreased? Where can I read the quests of lvl 90 and higher lvl? TY
  8. When will we be able to login?

    Hello what is the error explain to me to see if I can help you Hola cual es el error que te da explicame a ver si puedo ayudarte
  9. After the awakening, spoils enough material
  10. shunaiman tower

  11. shunaiman tower

    Hi which arrows (grade) uses the shunaiman tower ?
  12. Hi What armor (heavy / light) and what weapon (sword and shield or dual swords) is more convenient? Some recommendations in particular for this class? Thank you
  13. Since Friday I get the error that in this post describes What is the solution to it? Execute the file correction and the error continues
  14. Equipment for subclass

    Hello Excuse my ignorance If my main class is warrior and I choose a subclass wizard or also warrior but with other equipment, this one , gets Pauline equipment or I have to buy it up to lvl 80 Would the same thing happen if I want to transform it into a dual class? TY
  15. R-Grade

    Nobody asked to know how to make adena I ask why once the awakening ended I received the Pauline equipment, skills, horse, etc, but not the mentor certificate and therefore I do not have how to change it Why did not I receive the mentor certificate?