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  1. that never going to happen mate and if u wanna play old school l2 go to classic thats as close as it going to get bleep this game and it pay to win events its not worth playing it unless ur bored shit less once u get past 105 might well stop and remake a charecter again
  2. but u dont fix it just another issue u put aside???????
  3. i could get more adena i guess with the event crap they have to offer but i cant see no point in wasting real money for it lol
  4. im not leaving just trying to farm it myself now but cant get any where tried fishing for week so fare and tht doesnt pay off either
  5. hey guys i know it might not happen even if some one can be nice enough to just lend me gear i play on chronos got to lv 104 cant kill much now my charecter on the server is aussielisa maybe some one tht doesnt play much or leaving can help me out u can allways get the gear back from me if needed
  6. and thanks guys i made a warcryer and swordsinger lol but still newbie so not sure if this will work im liking the game but im poor again now after buying that gear and dont really wanna waste any more real money on the game for now
  7. hi guys what the best way to get r grade soulshots just hit lv100 cant find any quests for free ones i cant afford to buy them any tips?
  8. any one else having this problem?
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