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  1. If you go to production env and see u made a shit, just restore from backup the objects u changed (if u know what u have changed ). But before go to prod with a fix, that should be tested in test, eventually on a prelive env, with data prepared from live env. Is not rocket science, but at NC Crap I see only greed and stupidity
  2. Bullshit from Dev team. On dual i got extra xp @ lvl 110 form 13% to 44% and lost on main (107 -> 105). For sure is not the xp table. BTW, the word "backup" sounds familiar to any NC Crap employee? Any clue what a test environment is? And how tests can save your ass?
  3. Main - Dual exchange service

    Ok, but if "we have no current plans" to continue spending $ on this game, you'll have other plans?