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  1. Hi all, Need some advice on this augmenting. Is there such a thing as Superior Weapon Augment stone (On L2Wiki). I dun see this in Town or Auction House. This Superior Weapon Augment stone is meant for R110 Weapon only? Can I use Top-Grade augment stone instead to augment a R110 Weapon?
  2. I got frens interested to play this game. But was hit with error> Error creation failed. We still not allow to create new acct? How new players join the game?
  3. Spent 4hrs farming, never see any letter drop at all in Enchant Valley. Went to IVORY TOWER, got a number of letters. Been farming for past few day almost 24/7, but yet to get even 1 set of "LINEAGEII", but alot of other letter, which is really useless. Tried other combo set, as usual, you get some cheap and useless reward. The frustrating part is: Meele will get Blessed Spiritshot / Mage with get Soulshot.
  4. Anyone understand this statement? I'm totally confused.... Attack is possible, as long they are in the inventory, but below state that all arrows will be remove. So Archer no need arrows to attack with/without skills anymore? Changed so that arrow, crossbow attack is possible even when one is not equipped with arrow / bolt or Infinite quiver / Infinite Bolt, as long as they are in the inventory. The following items will be removed on August 19, 2020: Enhanced Orichalcum Arrow Enhanced Orichalcum Arrow Enhan
  5. Hi all, Wondering where you can buy extra talisman to deck up if you have 5 or 6 slot Bracelet? Seed talisman, 7-sign talisman, Abundance talisman & Venir Talisman only used up 4 slot.
  6. Remove Rune Stone. Difficult to learn skill. Remove Life stone. Difficult to Augment Weapon. Change Olympiad timing for server. No change to participate. Difficult to get CODEX to enchant skill. What else coming???
  7. This is the worse ever Anniversary Event......... no effort by NCWest
  8. Been in this game since BETA which is a good 17 years. BUT I'm really curious what Ncsoft is thinking for the past 2-3 years. Every expansion is REALLY not improving the game and so many areas are dismantled instead. Even now, the BASIC skill learning have restriction. No way to get RUNE. No way to get Codex...etc RUNE is a luxury now??!! CODEX is a luxury as well??!! AND why change the SIEGE timing when most people cannot attend?? More players during that time zone??
  9. Several disconnection a day. What is NCWEST doing to fix this issue? It's been like this for past 6-8mth? This past few days is getting worse.....................
  10. Anyone got this issue? Mp just not sustainable and depleted fast. Pre-Update, never even use much of my Mp. It's the same for my 3 toon (Tank, ISS and Archer)
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