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  1. So no macro?

    @Juji @Hime it's sad to say but my clan is waiting for this update from you regarding the request that @Juji said he made to the dev team to find out if everyone is going to stop playing or not. (Yes all of the clan, 20+ players). So please answer about that ... It is very clear that the game for us was impractical, we work, study and have a family. We planned a group to evolve with automatic features that were removed from nowhere, now the game's dynamics will be different and it will no longer be possible to follow the bots. So unfortunately that is it, if the features do not return to normal, at least the macro, my whole clan will leave. You already realized that the entire server is dissatisfied with these updates, I at least understand that returning the previous functions is not just up to you and maybe the final word is not yours but the Koreans, but we need an answer at least, if not it is possible to just say that soon, since in koreia this request was not accepted so why would it be here ...
  2. Many of you are looking at this wrong...

    You can only be kidding, I sincerely hope it is a joke, you couldn't be more deluded ... What does Koreano say about the same update and they just didn't bring the macro back and several bots still work ?? What about Essence who is simply dead because of that same update ?? Have you seen how many bots are running on the server today? Do you really think that banning one account or several by IP takes two weeks ?? Everyone seeing is very bad, but there are several who do not want to see ...