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  1. so, what about adena drop, items drop, untradeable items, blssed/spiritshots soulshots, saleable materials in the npc stores. I don't want buy more adena to just do the basic function of the game.
  2. Hi, the drain skill is useless, but also you can go xp solo (sayha scroll or w/buffers) but is slow. 2nd class change don't have quest, but 3rd change have a quest, but is very short. the most easy way to get adena fast, is buy event boxes with ncoin and sell it, for a newcomer is the easy way to get money.
  3. Hi, i play since c4 and have passed for all chronicles and see a lot of changes, L2 never be a easy game and have nice gear was always a great achievement, for oneself and for our clan. But now the game is very different now. you can buy every single part of the game and what is worse the most of free and fun things to do was removes and changed by a form of payment system, if you don pay a VIP subscription you don get any drop and obviously you have a more hard way to walk to level up, this is rebuttable and one can say "they need to get money" and is fine, but what is not fine is the foll
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