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  1. YES I agree with OP and I'm genuinely happy with myself for quitting after 2 weeks and spending exactly 0 dollars on this
  2. That's it for me boys, uninstalled last night and I can say proudly I spent 0 dollars on this server. Lately I would even forget to login some days to do the dailies and attendance Hope it gets better in the future for people who keep on playing
  3. Honestly I dont get how their model is going to work... Usually they'd need to give at least something to f2p players and low spenders so they can keep progressing but at a slower pace. Like that they'd stay in the server and be food for the heavy spenders or at some cases maybe succeed in progressing if they know what they are doing or if they join some big clan. The way they are doing it though... I feel like everyone is going to quit in a couple weeks unless it is someone who can comfortably spend a fortune. And then the server is just gonna feel empty But this is just my
  4. I'm new player F2P(for now at least until I have a picture about the server) and I haven't played a server like this or retail servers for many years, I need some help to understand how it works. So I do the 10 min dungeon and then I farm on the field for 1-2 more hours until I use like 5-6 vitality pots and buff scrolls. the adena I get is not enough to support soulshots and spirit ores. and after the vitality is spent then its completely pointless to do anything. Is this how it is supposed to be or im doing something wrong? Do I have to pray that the supply of free soulshots
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