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  1. Honestly F2P players or even casual players are just meat shields it doesn't matter if prices are cheap or not whales will all be DKs and Titans with all the p2w items and you'll just be 1 - 2 shot.
  2. The Instance is super easy and anyone can do it and it's once a day unless you buy tickets to do it twice a day.
  3. Just look at when they release these servers and what future games are coming out shortly after, it's clear they don't think these servers will last very long just a quick copy pasta and cash grab. All the translation is done from EU so it's a easy launch for them with a cash grab updated server.
  4. They want Player # high so they can say it was a success even if 90% of the players are adena farming bots
  5. Listen L2 as always been Pay to win since it went F2P nothing new.
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