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  1. We want Hime back !

    as in title !
  2. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    Well, Seems, that L2West has new strategy "How to fix all bugs" Just delete posts with bugs and put new L2 Store Promo/Event and ppl will forget > so problem solved
  3. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    Hmm @Conguero it means, that we will get bug fixed with next big update? Do not say, that You do not have a time, bacause we got next Pay To Win L2Store Event, when we have already Pay to Win L2Store event alive.... Shame on You.... Can You tell us when @Hime will back ? I will not ask about @Neutron.. He is hiding in his cave to avoid ppl which wanna throw eggs/tomato/shoes to his face Well, the most sad it, when I see ppl, who really wanna play in this game(they have still fire in their hearts), and You so everything, what is possible to put out this fire I do not know , why I'm still asking, carring.... U will like always, do not even read this or care Last what, we can do is use enjoy play/speak with our friend until they(or we) left
  4. Feoh Soulhound Macros

    Well, if u wanna play really good on SlH and any other feoh and be effective then u can not use macros from game. If u started pla on feoh use ur hands, and make some experiments. Feoh has a lot of skills, which are usefull only in some situations if u will make lvl so fast, w/o using ur hand u will .... u need to fell ur char, andknow what he or she can do. As well play on enter chat it will help u a lot. train train and traing Macro isnt good way to make pvp/pve Why? Macro form game has to big delays between skills, and it can fit only 12 commends (if i good remeber) u have many skills which need to be use on reuse. 2nd one is that macro depeds on ur char stats (and gear) and place when u wanna farm. u need to use ur most important skills Mass ruin>Void>burst>storm> Para>Void>bust>storm>Snare>Body to mind>para. It can or not work on ur case. If u wanna make pve then do no use dark stance, bacause it is one targett stance, than in this case u should use crash instead of storm to cut more m def. If u are 95+ then on burst(i mean selbuff) u should spam comet(new skill), but be carefull u should not use it w/o Burst if u are using macros from kayboard or mouse. than u need to make it by or own, but fist of all learn how to play on Feoh
  5. Magician's Prominece

    Hello, last time i had disscusion with by friend about this Ability skill soo i decide to write a ticket with question: What work this skill mastery on feoh? I got this answer: Hello,I apologize for the inconvenience this bug has caused you. This is currently a known issue wherein the Prominence Skill is named as Skill Master and the Development Team is currently working toward a possible fix. Since the Game Support Team is not part of the development of the game, we are unable to provide status updates on bug reports. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.At this time Game Support Team does not have a workaround. Once a fix has been created and tested it will be made available in a future update.Please keep an eye on our Official Forums and Websites for up-to-date news and announcementsForums: http://boards.lineage2.com/Website: http://www.lineage2.com/en/Thank you for helping us make Lineage II a better place.Regards, GM Sylvia NCSOFT Support Team So my question it, what is that Prominence Skill Rate? What it do and what has influation on it?
  6. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, January 31, 2018

    Well, nothing changed ! Conquero is back, Hime disapear, What fixes? We play in perfect game with perfect staff. (sarcasm off) Atm NCWest know only how to fix problems with real money transfer. Shame on You guys. You promised us a lot of things What we get? No fixes No active CM?GM on forum a lot off pleyer's question without Your reply Soon will be 2 months after update and We got only payment system fixes U even do not update Know Issues Topic For what u created Bug Track ? If u will fix bugs in next big Update in Summer? (or just create more) Everytime You are writing, that u are waiting for ur Development Squad or somthing like that! Fire them ... They can not fix simple bugs during months .... Seems You are like John Snow ... You know nothing. Break the belt out of Your eyes, leave from Yours perfect word and start do something Otherwise.. Soon You will do the same with Lineage 2, what u did today with MXM
  7. Hell Knight

    I made topic about this few days later after update, soon we will have 2 moths after update and still nothing PS. i made ticket as well, but You can do too ;]
  8. Know Issues and more. When will You start to fix?

    Well, i know a little diffrent definiction of promotion. It exist, when price of item which is already in shop are cut by some %. mixa. can u imagine, that some ppl still have fun in l2? game is one thing but ppl are a lot of more important but seems NCWest think simmilar like You. vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas
  9. We have Almost 2months after update and ? Many skills need to be fixes... Instead fixes you are providing new event. Ok i get it, that events are part of L2, but we want to play on game w/o hundreds of bugs
  10. Elemental Stance and Weapon Attribute

    Hello, I have a idea, about Stances and Attribute in Weapons. I think, that Stance should overwrite Atribute Type in Weapon for example; Weapon with 300 wind element on Dark stance should change element type from weapon (dark for example) and should get bonus like from weapon with 300 dark Reason ? Well, now all feohs are restricted and depends of class can use 4 or 2 types of stance. so when we are for example Mystic Muse we do not get attribute bonus from Dragon Weapon (on both stances), in rest class we are forced to use fire, earth or wind stance u need to notice, that Soulhound was create to use dark stance, bacause Void of Destruction has dark element
  11. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, January 10, 2018

    Hello, any info when u plan to start fic a bugs? "soon" or in next chapter ?
  12. Spirit of Revenge

    up ....
  13. Bugs

  14. Spirit of Revenge

  15. Spirit of Revenge