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  1. Hello boys and girls of the linege2 I think that as the economy is progressing and the drift of the game it would be interesting to balance the game and make it more interesting for new users without ncwest / ncsoft losing money I am not a specialist in this topic but what more that bothers me about the game is its inactivity. no longer instantiated no interesting quest
  2. hello good morning I can not buy certain items in the AH of naia (mastery giants codex) this bug in the game will be solved soon thanks have a nice day
  3. hello boys and girls of lineage 2 I have noticed that in recent months the game has resulted in a spiral of just hunting afk no instances are made since they are either very hard or give little xp and drops Is there any possibility on the part of the developers or administrators to change this or is it widespread in Korea the same thing happens is that only 1% of the server enjoys the game 100% since neither in pvp those of us who are not professionals of this take it fatal there are many useless areas in this game everything is concentrated in 4 areas for which quest exalted it would be possi
  4. Hello good day I believe that as a community of lieage 2 players within the game is dead this game is based on cooperation to instantiate boss hunts etc. The difficulty in equipping or manufacturing weapons for levels higher than 105 takes more years than in previous chronicles since instances such as kamaloka baylor octavis freya etc etc have been reinforced. The events have been modified so that you use more credit cards and I understand that since these servers require maintenance and that costs money but the frustration of spending 400 euros or dollars to receive only xp potions demoralize
  5. I am the only one who likes how the xp goes now in the game this is the real lineage2 this game is not to get to lvl 120 quickly is to form partys of group both for wars and hunting It is true that there should be more hunting areas in the quest exalted not to limit it as much and more drop mobs in order to have a good character ..... but that's my opinion
  6. Hello, good afternoon. I have doubts with this topic. Is it the fourth company or does it overlap with the old companies and how do you level up? is the enchant random when you open it?
  7. hello good morning I am on this server since 2010 I have seen many changes in the development of the game I understand that it goes to a type of capitalist game where if you want to progress you have to mortgage your life in this game or cheat and put your 100 partys bots into hunt all the time I have also seen that there are many deserted areas of players since they have concentrated the majority as a flock of lambs so that their frustration and despair make them more vulnerable to buy adena to improve or nccoins Now I only go in no longer to mount partys I have to go hunting to farm weapons
  8. please more xp zones 105 + or baned bots partys please
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