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  1. fishing problem

    i have 6 toons fishing just for farming elcyum , prices in ah are crazy, im not doing to bad , you can also sell ugly and nimble fish or change to royal soup ,also from boxes you can get stardust-zodiac frags so yeah there is adena to be had while fishing ,only thing is bait is way over priced at 25,000a/bait
  2. 16th boxes drop bugs with plunder skils

    cheers for reply will be more wise with the drop runes from now on
  3. 16th boxes drop bugs with plunder skils

    so i have my own 4 char party with 400% drop rate. 350% is on my tank its party leader and one another char has 50% i have got maybe 3 event chests from when they started dropping(lol) so i have given up on them i have been xping in tanor ,ivory crater and silent valley at some point i wish to be able to craft gear but as well as the drops pickup not working(this needs to be fixed asap) ether and mats drop rate is brutal.so main reason for post is did i make a mistake activating the 200% drop rune 30 day+ 50%7 day + prestige pack on my tank should i have kept them for higher lvl like 110 if i ever get there and also spread the drop rune across all party members( each one activate 1 of there own) and i just remembered to ask it says item acquisition so when fishing its also included?