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  1. 11 minutes ago, Lawman said:

    Thanks for the comment.  You may think "classic is crazy slow" but I'll bet the "1%" big spenders and cheaters will be high level and dominating the server within weeks of it opening.  Of course, how dominant the big spenders are may depend on what items are available in the L2Store and in events, but I'm not optimistic. 

    Please read my post I just made, like I said the 1% No-lifers will beat you cash shop or not, and will control the server, this is just the way it is, can't change this. But even within weeks of opening, they will be much lower level than you think. I did the math already if you go full donation for max EXP boosts in classic 1.5 you will cap at a 100% EXP bonus, having played official classic servers from Innova etc, I can tell you that even with this bonus, no-life CP, it will still take them about a month to hit 40. They wont have 58+ buffers, they wont have top D/C gear off the start. This is a hardcore game. People need to mentally prepare for that.

  2. Question to staff @Hime @Juji

    Are there going to be NCWest specific changes to the server ie: not the same roll out that Skelth had for Classic 1.5? and if so, when can we expect a full breakdown of patch notes? Also if it is true that you removed the death penalty causing you to drop items when you die to mobs, fix this, don't make this a carebear server. Classic is hardcore, keep it that way.

    Notice to Players

    After reading the forums I'm starting to notice half the people posting have never played classic, and know very little about it. They're also bringing a lot of their experiences with the current GoD iterations of Lineage 2 to their questioning, and they shouldn't.

    Lineage 2 Classic, and Lineage 2 Goddess of Destruction should for all intensive purposes be considered 2 completely different games. The current L2Store items announced will have a much lower effect on gameplay than you guys are thinking about. Classic is a very slow paced game EXP boosts and a small 10% PvE bonus damage will have very little effect on the grand scheme of things, you're still going to be taking many, many months for average and experienced players to hit endgame. The few players that will CP and no-life/driver ie the top 1% will hit max level and endgame faster than you whether the L2Store has EXP boosts or not, because that's how they play.  Classic does not have any of the game breaking items you're afraid that the L2Store will eventually add, I wouldn't worry about this. EXP items are going to benefit casual players more than anyone else. The thousands of players that come to the server because its free to play and cannot afford to pay or buy ncoin are the same players that will be playing 8-10 hour days. Those casual players who can afford NCoin will take advantage of the EXP boosts to try and keep up when they cant play 8-10 hours a day because they have jobs and families. Be thankful its F2P and not subscription. It will allow you to play if you're having an off month and cant pay a sub, it also like previously stated brings thousands of players who otherwise wouldn't be able to play, and those players will contribute to keeping an active economy and field pvp. 

    If this is going to be your first time playing Classic, and once again classic is its own thing, its not C1, C2 or Interlude or any of those, its brand new and a hybrid of experiences from past chronicles. But if this is your first time playing, mentally prepare. It's a grind, and one like you may have never experienced unless you have played back in the days of Prelude/C1. Expect to be 35+ before you finally get a good D weapon unless you get lucky on a drop, expect to 40+ in a mix of NG/D-grade after a month of more of playing. This is the reality of a fresh classic server.

  3. On 9/21/2018 at 4:42 PM, Hustling said:

    Steps for server successes;
    1) Make 1 server NA primetime based for PST/EST, and 1 server for Euro primetime based (brit/german time).
    2) Do not hasten the introductions to the chronicles, do not introduce too much in the initial chronicle release, and do not introduce certain aspects of them that were unpopular in the initial launches.
    3) Create better cash shop options, such as costumes, cool glowing weapon skins, unique name colorings, and minor pay2win things like drop bonuses instead of exp bonuses (drop bonuses means that every1 will be fighting over the best grinding spots to make use of their drop bonuses, bringing in lots of pvp) instead of brooch type shit.
    4) Ban bots, and reward players who successfully report bots with 1-7 day boosts.
    5) Advertise the launch of this classic server better. The stream, twitter, facebook, and forum thread is not enough. Try a commercial on television, or an ad that links to other popular mmo google keywords, etc, to really get this info out there.
    6) Never merge the servers into Chronos/Naia, NEVER.
    7) No instances.

    1. They've already said they're considering peoples opinions on server times.
    2. They've already said there will be a delayed release of important content such as Oly, Castles, etc.
    3. EXP Items should always be in the cash shop, it is what will bring them revenue without breaking the game. Classic is slow, full EXP bonus its still slow. No classic has brooches and other shit, its not part of classic, stop worrying about this kind of thing.
    4. This is a pipe dream, but would be nice to see some active bot management.
    5. I see it advertised everywhere I go right now.
    6. This would never happen anyway, GoD and Classic might as well be 2 completely different games, they will never be merged.
    7. Instances exist in Classic already, they shouldn't be removed. They're not like on GoD.

    It sounds like a lot of people posting have never played Classic and know nothing about it, do not compare it to GoD, and do not compare classic's L2Store to GoD's they are nothing alike. the Games are completely different.

  4. I find it funny that people think EXP boosts are pay to win, even the 10% PvE damage is minuscule to classic, this is GoD kinda of damage. classic is crazy slow, even if you throw all your money at it you will still be going slow. The no-life CPs are going to beat you whether there is a cash shop or not, so be happy that you can get bonus exp if you choose to support the server, and be happy that the thousands of players who generally can't afford to pay to play will be there to add to the population and give you pvp and a lively market place.

    I for one love the idea its free to play, and will still be throwing money at the L2 Store for boosts, not because I want to be in the 1% but because it will allow a casual player like me to keep up with the f2p players who play like 10 hours a day.

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