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  1. Not sure if there is a post about it, I couldn't see one.
  2. Tyrr Dreadnaught - Exalted Gear and + 8 Clean Light Set FE - 10 Hours 1-106 - 1-101 Questline 101-106 in Coalmines Solo AoE'ing
  3. Thanks for the fast response, will there be any news on any L2STORE update? Since I know a lot has been removed, anything new coming?
  4. @Juji 1) any intention to add vitality maintaining runes to the L2Store? 2) will the cost on Red Libra to change the dual class be same as past events or cheaper?
  5. @Juji @Hime On the patch notes you say what's being removed from L2Store, any word on what's being added? You offer 7-Day Vitality Maintaining Runes to fresh 85 characters, will this be purchasable for NCoin as well?
  6. @Hime Gonna fix the 85 Class change dungeon maybe? Been broken 2 weeks now.
  7. Made a video on how to solo farm group K95 for new players to learn, and as a way to start making adena as a newbie. I was doing voice over the whole time, but I think I forgot to run OBS as admin or something since it cut out after the first few seconds. I do however hover over macros etc long enough for new players to see. Cheers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OhCtuwUVdE&
  8. Paying 20b - Mail CoD to FruitPunch
  9. If it is indeed the old one, it must be out for at least 20 minutes before it will buff. If it is the new one, it won't buff you.
  10. Yes super bugged, however you can complete it. Turn auto hunt off, put Attack and Next Target on bar. Manually target mob by spam clicking it. then use attack on your bar to hit it. Will be laggy and super buggy, but eventually can get through it.
  11. Been away for a around 1.5-2 Years, just came back. Have a bunch of odds and ends I never gave away when I left I'm looking to get a Valuation on and Sell. - Anakim Set Pack (Has barrier and appearance for 30-days) - Alien's Gulp Potion (3k HP back instantly no cooldown) - Enhanced Octavia's Earring - Warrior If interested in buying, mail ScreamR ingame
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