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  1. Is the shot lag part of the classic experience also?
  2. Problem is you really cant walk that back unless you wipe the server. I mean how do u cripple new players even more especially when botting is rampant.
  3. Well queues will never be a problem again lol. Servers may not be open in three months but meh.
  4. Nobody forces me to eat at McDonalds either it is my choice but if THEY bleep MY ORDER UP, I get my bleeping money back or they fix it and make it right. They do this because they understand paying customers is what keeps their business open, not the person who comes in asks for the free cup of water. Why on gods green earth would I server hop after spending $150 on Talking Island. That is a stupid free player comment. Sure I will move when they refund my money and hell freezes over.
  5. When they said L2Classic will be HARD CORE what they meant was "L2 Classic is Hard TO GET IN THE DOOR".
  6. YES long over due and ALSO you need to provide anyone on Giran or Talking island who bought the Starter pack another one free or a refund because they have literally cost us an ass load of time with this BS. Time we will not get back on a 30 day rune we bought the pack for.....
  7. Agreed but they have had a month now. How many hours of EXP runes have been lost for people who spent 30 bucks for the starter pack? How many potential customers have they lost forever because people could not even connect to buy coin. A MONTH NOW!
  8. We have Clan members who are VIP 3 and 4 leaving the game because queues are 600 deep for VIP members (people who spend money and support NCSOFT) and half the time when it gets down to the last 20 it just disconnects them. Yesterday VIP was less then 10 in QUEUE. Today my VIP 4 has 534 and my NON VIP logged at same time 488. How does a company take something so wildly popular and mess it up this bad? (Especially for PAYING CUSTOMERS).Call up Netmarble and ask them how to properly launch a game, better yet let them manage your game for you since you are unable to do so.... Call anyone who has
  9. You probably bleep up pissing in the morning. Way to make it worse. GOOD GAME BRO
  10. This is utter BS. Make everyone VIP1 for now or reset the server every 4 hours. I would gladly make alts VIP but I CAN NOT LOG THEM IN. SO you are literally leaving money on the table.
  11. I did play L2 then and never once during my first class change did I sit 4 hours and in a bleeping line to complete a stupid first class change quest. This is not Nobless or Subclass. Both of those Quests provided added content and did not shut you down. This is not hardcore its stupid. There are literally thousands who will be needing this quest in the next few days and it will only get worse for them. They can make the spawn time 3 minutes and save a lot of people aggravation. Played since C2 so take your assumptions else where.
  12. 20 People waiting at Calpico with an 8 minute respawn time is horrid. This is the best you can do? Make people wait hours to complete or one ass hat hits it and no one can complete? Come @juji .......
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