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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2cu0OwmEFY
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2cu0OwmEFY
  3. Aden Has Fallen (Dim Siege)

    all my gear you mean +13 dark weapon ?
  4. Aden Has Fallen (Dim Siege)

  5. Aden Has Fallen (Dim Siege)

  6. MAX VS MS

  7. https://youtu.be/Rbvt2X2RPTs
  8. Raid Boss LV (106 - 108 - 112)

  9. MAX VS DH ( Siege Protect rune )

  10. (Dim Siege) Max VS Chronos & half Naia

    It's was nice siege ty for everyone who participates https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MtxT8zJKk4
  11. Naia's Future

    yes i never seen till i saw this fight , i did not say you will never win vs him . mp its not class skill ? i wont cry about steel mind what make truflle not able to die right ? and like i said before you just can answer my question about your war point with nova 3 day ago and today . but anyway we will see next siege . maybe i am wrong we going to see .
  12. Naia's Future

    well there is always win and lose some time , just if you can answer me pls difference in your clan war point with nova 3 day ago and today ? also yes ms = truffl this is the fact try go clan vs clan with nova w/o him you lose 80% of your power w/o him or give his weapon to other earthia doesn't matter , bcz this guy play his toon really good and i really see ms is nothing w/o him
  13. Naia's Future

    dont worry about us we will be fin , also to be honest i never seen ms win any fight right now vs happy group if you are not there or they need maybe 3-4 pt vs happy group this is the truth. also from what i see from your comment ms afraid now and try ask dh go to freya maybe that would make happy come back but i really dont think any of dh have balls to do that but i really hope they come to us at lest stop some of us come to you even if i see not need it . also i see 101-105 rb all farmed by happy yesterday no one from ms got balls to show to stop happy what this mean ?. you really need improve your play hours bcz like i said before ms in big situation if you not there . and other clown who use your weapon is really nothing bcz its not about weapon even if he got dragon fist stage 10 will be still noob make 0 difference
  14. Naia's Future

    they are more than welcome to come , its gonna be fun and i hope they really do it