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  1. Naia Siege

  2. Paagrio Earring bug

    Ohh maybe you play other game we speak here about lineage 2, you didnt know cursed weapon zone its a combat zone and you dont get pk by killing pets there ?
  3. Paagrio Earring bug

    hi @Juji summoner is most weak class in this game, 115 LVL summoner's pet can be dead one shout by any LVL 100 yul. so let's see you got many dragon thrower stage 2 stage 3 and you cant kill some pet? I am sorry but this is your problem, not our that you don't have someone who can do it. but right now we speak about exploiting items like P.Earring which make 3-5k damage per hit in the chest, you were crying like a baby when we traded cursed weapon and gm make a CD for skill 5 min but now it's ok for dignity? so after this i can tell you summoners pets its a skill you can kill these pets there is no exploiting here but this earring it is bcz you can do which you not supposed to do. ty!
  4. Paagrio Earring bug

    @Juji I have seen many topics about this problem for example this one https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19057-zaricheakamanah-chest-paagrio-earring-lvl-2/ and yet nothing changes nothing happened, so I don't understand why you make normal char hit the cursed weapon chest for 20 damage if some other char which have LV 2 and lv 3 Paagrio Earring hit for 3-5k damage? it's that normal? or its just no one care bcz as I said i saw many players before report that bug and just nothing change. ty!
  5. Naia Siege 07/19

    Omg you talk to much dude, so you dont wait for meatshiled bcz you are was my meat shiled last siege right ?how exactly you made me busy if when i see you, you die in 0.5 sec ? did you watched my video ? Ohh you think this .5 sec its made me busy ? Ohh dam kid, you are not llllllAllllll to make me busy, he make me busy but sadly not you you .5 sec guy smart ass boy
  6. Naia Siege 07/19

    about lll i cant say nothing about him he is very good yul and he learn me a lot stuff when i was at max, hope loldragon not show here and tell me iam kissing his ass to join me
  7. Naia Siege 07/19

    pretty much my video show i kicked your ass so dam hard like 7-8 time i killed you than you did about pee pee bcz he is 90% of his siege time he on stone my game play sucks ok but still i kicked your ass 7-8 time more than you did kid :*
  8. Naia Siege 07/19

    stop cry in my video i count only time i killed you and i just show your dead body near me when its get kill by other enjoy my video :*
  9. Naia Siege 07/19

    the full story of what happend to hyekyo during 19/7 siege, enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9XlYJNxiC8
  10. Naia Siege (Beta Version)

    why you write too much always ? iam not proud of nothing i just answer back your video dont cry to me now that all have fun
  11. Naia Siege (Beta Version)

    you make no sense dude, why i need 1-2-3-4-10 pt behind me if i always 1 shot you ? you die 0.1 sec when i see you did you really watch my video ? you spawn you die its look for you i need someone with me to kill you ?
  12. Naia Siege (Beta Version)

    Btw look at my kill to you 95% i one shot you with zero skill up seems its not true again what you said i need wait for skill to kill you, only person in this game i need every skill up to have chance to kill is llllllAllllll but not you
  13. "Naia Siege July 19th " Hyekyo 25th Death Version

    This week i wasn't going to make video for siege really too lazy but thanks for hyekyo he give me the motivation to get it done.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9XlYJNxiC8&feature=youtu.be
  15. Naia Siege (Beta Version)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9XlYJNxiC8 here you go i proof what i said about 7-8 times from "only" last siege you can proof what i said its not true by your video for only last siege mighty hyekyo