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  1. Non-CP Clans

    Is anyone planning on doing clans that are not CP-based? Which means you make parties with whoever is online. My experience from two years on Skelth is that, with the exception of top-tier no-lifer CP's, most CP's are 3-5 people online boxing 2-3 characters via account-sharing. 3-5 people operating 9-10 characters isn't much better than the forever alone guys running 3-4 boxes behind their mains. Of course making parties out of what's available isn't nearly as competitive as set CP's, but let's be realistic here and admit not all of us are going to be spending 10+ hrs in game fighting for the best XP spots and all the raid bosses, tooth and nail, loss after loss, death after death and coming back for more. Plenty of us will be fighting for the not-as-great exp spots with less than great party setups, so why not admit that to ourselves and make a clan accordingly so like archer, nuker or melee themed, but no set parties. Feel free to boo me off the stage.
  2. stopped playing classic yet ?

    I'm not quitting but I'm going to wait a few days or a week. Crap drops rates force us into newbie quests where there are 10 people for each mob, and the mages KS even tho they don't need the quest armor (Lv mission Devotion is better) and won't even get the right shots! Pretty sure I read they were going to increase spawn for newbie areas, but they didn't. So I will wait until it thins out because at that time, I think there will be some money on the server and people buying mats so I can make some money. Edit: I've played Russian 1.0 so I'm used to this level of suck, but when calculating the most efficient way to progress through the game, I'll wait.
  3. [COMPLETE] Game Update: Wednesday, October 3, 2018

    You do have 20 minutes to answer it. Hopefully we can drag the window to the side, so we can continue on despite it. Hell would be that it's on top of the interface and if you hit 4 even with enter chat on, the 4 goes into the captcha box.

    Bows use less: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Eminence_Bow But if affording shots is an issue, your char isn't very OP #scrubDD
  5. Do you even DSMV brah? Topic is pure chemotherapy already. No need for more radiation.
  6. I'm annoyed by your statement making no sense. It's a complete lack of trying. It's autistic cancer with a touch of atypical somatization disorder and althete's foot.
  7. I'm sick of this stuff for sure. Autistic and cancer are the news R-words? Grow up and add some better words to your vocabulary, Like imba cloacks (sic) and p2w trash.
  8. [ Giran ] Melee & Friends social clan A few people seem interested in a non-CP clan, which means no declining clan members to level boxes. The point is to play with active people. You can party a box buffer if no live buffer is available and things like that, but the goal is to accommodate everyone who is lfp. This will not be a top-tier competitive clan. It may even end up being only a discord channel since clans are hard to level up in the beginning anyway. This will be a melee clan. Most classes will be welcome pre-40 as long as they have a decent weapon for single-target melee. After 40 Overlords, Warlords, and nukers will not fit in well anymore because they level best with AoE. If someone wants to make an AoE sister clan, they sure can. Members are still encouraged to make box toons to use when no live people are available, even DD's for those odd occasions when 3 supports are on but no DD's. https://discord.gg/aNfw7ZU
  9. [Giran] Melee & Friends (non-CP clan)

    Opening day is coming soon! Don't grind mobs alone, join our discord. Everyone is welcome.
  10. Archer range penalty

    You mean that sweet spot thing? I think it was removed quite some time ago because no one liked it and it was dumb anyway.
  11. Concern about packs

    Does VIP Apply To All Characters On The Account? Juji 31 Replied: Saturday at 12:18 PM Account-based per server.
  12. Archers in Classic 1.5

    This. Troy is not a good reference because 1. He is stacked and OP on any archer, and 2. He likes Hawkeye since forever.
  13. Am I the only one who has a $400 computer sitting next to my good one? Problem solved, while you guys are posting complaints from $2,000+ computers and plan on spending $5,000+ on the cash shop when they put something good in it. (Edit: for website log in issues, use different browsers I believe worked last time I logged a bunch of accounts to claim some 0 ncoin thing.)
  14. Top Clans (Talking Island)

    Hardcore euros oly 0200-0600. Will love to see how 30 yrs old react when they realize they aren't 16 any more and they're tired as f.
  15. QuizMaker online poll: https://linkto.run/p/ABWQ45K7 Vote and/or see the results there.
  16. Best Summoner

    Want to be the best overall summoner? Play ES. Have preference Cat/Pony/Alien? Play that, you'll be fine.
  17. Which server will you play?

    I'm GMT -5 at GMT +1 sieges on Skelth are 1300 for me. In Cali that would be 1100. But I work second shift so EU time is better for me.
  18. [Giran] Melee & Friends (non-CP clan)

    Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/aNfw7ZU Join our members' discussion of classes and read the new-to-classic information and tips!
  19. That's nice if Coca-cola went back to their old formula, but Lineage's formula is more complex than a soda, and has been changing since it was launched, and so will the Classic version.
  20. Keep Looping Macro!!!

    I'd be pleased if macros stop looping after an hour so you can semi-afk but no full afk.
  21. Main Support Rare?

    you can level up a SWS to 60 with a buffer behind it. After that it's painful. But many will find all levels of classic painful.
  22. Classic is not old L2. It is a reboot with a new spin on it.
  23. [Giran] Melee & Friends (non-CP clan)

    Message Bluephies #0009 on Discord if that link doesn't work.
  24. Which server will you play?

    Bump. Why is there more Giran votes than TI, but very few clan recruiting for Giran? Are you guys trolling me? Don't make me cry