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eviscerator 'solo' kamaloka ;)


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Hi all,

I want to know your opinion if I can do (box iss hiero maybe with sos or othell for cw) kamaloka with the items below:

Lvl 101 (dual 105 but only 5 dual class cert) Eviscerator and here are items:

+8 pve light set

+7 pve fighter death/crit death (no augment yet )

exalt cloak

noble circlet of authority

opal lvl2,

str +4 bracelet

+15 str dyes

octa shirt, tezza soul, creation, baium soul, antharas, octa warrior earring

chef monkey's belt

desire, st9 venir, lv1 abundance

my ap skills atm:tumblr_pk3w4x7I5v1xyb7sjo1_250.png

dual class skills: berserker's rage and  death


what do you think? :D any suggestions?

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