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SOUL Orfen vs. BLESSED zaken - healer/wizzard


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MP +46, Sleep/ Paralysis/ Mental Resistance +25%, Sleep/ Paralysis/ Mental Atk. Rate +25%, Heal Received +10%, Skill MP Consumption -5%, Vampiric Rage +4%.



MP+ 37, Bleed Resistance +30%, Bleed Atk. Rate +30%, Heal Amount +15%, Vampiric Rage Effect, Stun/ Mental Attack Resistance +30%, Stun/ Mental Atk. Rate +30%, and Dark Resistance +15


this is:   25%sleep attack/defense (for healer)  + 25% Paralysis rezist and - 5% mental A/D

               vs. 30%stun attack/defense (for feoh, rezist for healer) - stun is impontant f. feoh


           10% heal Received vs. 15% Heal Amount (wtf this is for difference????) - this is impontant f. healer 


           5% MP save and more Mdef vs. ??? dark rezist  (y 5% save MP is bonus but no high)

Question is what is defference in word Received VS Amount ...

Know sameone?




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