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Infinity Prison


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I got a Infinity Prison's key, but I'm an SE… I tried to do it, but for support classes is IMPOSSIBLE do it…
This is so discriminating, I'm an old player of Naia, and I'm very disappointed about this Classic.
Maybe is better if you resolve that, supports MUST have this reward too.


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What weapons and armor did you use? If you gonna wind strike your way through dungeon, well, you will have hard time to say the least :D

You could try using Cursed Maingauche or something similar to auto attack and when you go low HP, just heal yourself :) and ofc use some heavy armor for decent P.def.

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I'm pretty sure that the dungeon is suitable for any class. You just need to know how to deal with it. 
You may go Cursed + Heavy (using Stigma of Shilen as well) OR Might of Heaven + Robe set, but you need to boost as much as possible ur MP and MP Recovery Rate. 
It's even up to what kind of gear you wear. You need to be full C to stand him, otherwise is impossible. 
Cursed will give you lesser DPS than Might of Heaven but you will bleed him. The RB will start the fight spamming nukes and then will start auto-attack, so you need both good m.def and p.def.  

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