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Ferios cloak invincibility unique augment


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If there's any interest. My questions were:

I'm seeking clarification for one of the unique augments of the Ferios Cloak "Invincibility activated when damaged if HP is below 30%.". My questions are:

1) How often can this skill be triggered (i.e: once every 30 minutes?)
2) How long will the invincibility effect last
3) Will the effect be cancelled if the player attacks while being invincible?


..and the reply was:


I have reviewed the matter. I'm afraid I'm unable to state the exact time-frame on when the Invincibility effect can be triggered. However, please note that it can last for 5 seconds and won't be cancelled if the player is attacking. 

I hope this clarifies the matter. If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know.


NCSOFT Support Team

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