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Fishing with New Bait

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I am curious if anyone else has noticed this is a lie:

Using Fishing shots with Monkey Bait raises the fishing success rate to 80%.

Talking about false advertising.  I find it is closer to 65-70%.  I ask the people playing and using them if they noticed same?
I ask GM's please check this because it does NOT add up.


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I can't speak for certain for here, but Skelth is having a similar event now.  You do have to use fishing shots to get to 80% but it does work.  Out of 5,000 baits there I got 4,022 tuna, almost exactly 80%.  I'd guess it works the same here.

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I think I found the issue after talking with some people fishing near me- Shot Lag.  As everyone knows NCSoft has had issues with lag and connectivity issues.  During the greatest lag points between 7 pm-10 pm est the servers seem to lag and I bet fishing shots stop working just like regular shots when exping.  During the shot lag periods (shots do not work right) fishing success rates get affected.

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